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SkyJet Airlines official website. You can land in Batanes even in bad weather, unlike other airlines. Yes, we know the privately chartered jets. It'?s our only priority.

Yes, we know the privately chartered jets. We have a highly skilled and experienced consulting staff of some of the world's largest providers of specialist services to the commercial aircraft sector. As we know, the smallest detail can make the biggest difference in the way your flights are performed, and we have the expertise to master the subtleties of the on-demand charterset.

If you are looking for the right solution, contact the right people. Simplified the reservation procedure for personal jets. Being one of the world's premier charters companies, we have built an on-demand charters environment that is easy, fast, intuitive learning and agile. By constantly reviewing how best to address the needs of jet travellers, our expert staff has developed an on-demand viewing solution for you.

We not only keep every individual air journey to a higher level than most others, we also make sure that these requirements are rigorously fulfilled and regularly outperformed. We focus on providing a truly impeccable travelling environment and check everything - from the story of the plane to the real experiences of each individual member of the crews to the most important people in the organisation.

Reserved for the 25 per cent of jet owners, this label demands an unshakeable dedication to the stringent security measures that our owners and our company adhere to. Led by the concierge-like nature of your on-demand consultant's work, you'll find a higher standard of customer care and a simpler organisation that will make sure your next trip - from hops to internationals - surpasses all needs and expectations.

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The Magnum Air (SkyJet), Inc. is Manila's first Philippine jet carrier to launch the Manila-Basco maiden flight[4][5] The carrier began scheduled business services on December 14, 2012. SkyJet took off for its first intercontinental trip to Taiwan on August 15, 2014, but during the first charter between Kalibo, Aklan, the Philippines and Taiwan, a disturbance of the plane occurred, resulting in a delay for tourists from Taiwan[9] The carrier was compelled to stop the itinerary.

Airlines became embroiled in a lawsuit with the Philippine authorities regarding fiscal evasion. Sky-jet Airlines, Philippines' newest national airliner. Philippines Tsikot 2015. Sky-jet receives provisional CAB approval for operation on a commercially viable basis". "Skyjet for use in undeveloped and undeveloped areas in the Philippines".

Sky-jet suddenly cancel Taiwan flights - Philippine Flight Network. "2 "2 carriers down on the ground for safety." Courthouse suspends suspending SCYJET for now. Sky-jet, Seair under increased supervision after lifting the stay order - CAAP. Sky-jet air - sky-jet. Sky-jet

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