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src=" ejcms/cache/medialibrary/36B91AA5BBFF46AF9F64212C16050947.ashx" width="620"> Fairy-tale palaces, mountain peaks as far as the eye can see and mediaeval towns with the highest standard of life in the whole wide range - welcome to Switzerland. Do you like candy? Switzerland has already been resold to most of you. After all, this is the center of Europe's cocoa industry, and as you might think, this place is crazy about cocoa, with cocoa galleries, cocoa fairs and even spa where you can take your cocoa bath seriously.

If your taste does not only include world-class confectionery, Switzerland also has a whole range of other factors to consider. It is the center of Europe and one of the most attractive lands on the European continent, where the towering snow-capped Alps with their verdant rivers and glistening seas stand out.

When it comes to impressing prospects, Switzerland is really a top Dollar bill. If you are not impressed with a wonderful landscape, it will enchant you with its classy and challenging towns. Switzerland leaves nothing to be desired, from Geneva with its luxurious shops, its unsurpassed lake view and its incomparable quality to the Swiss capitol Berne with its World Heritage Site and mediaeval charme.

Whether it' s hot or cold, Switzerland is a hot spot for holidays, with the best skiing areas in Europe in the cooler seasons and some of the most attractive seaside spas in the hotter one. Elegant cities such as St. Moritz and Interlaken attract the masses of winters and provide an exhilarating mixture of snows, apr├Ęs-ski and alpine huts with welcoming wood-fire.

Whereas in summers tourist travel to Switzerland for adventurous activities, hikes and health cures. In a landscape where you have to face death, the most demanding European towns and, of course, the best skiing areas, the concept of a holiday in Switzerland has become a little more attractive. In Switzerland the climate differs according to the destination.

Arriving in early or early summers can be the best way to benefit from good wheather and thin masses of people. However, if you do snow sport, you will want to visit the area between November and April.

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