Local Taxis to me

Taxis for me

Book taxis near your location for fixed fares, city taxis, city taxis and private cabs at the airport and you won't have to search long for fast local taxis. They are friendly and are at your side every step of the way... .



This enables us to offer our clients a pleasant, dependable and safe taxiservice.

You don't have to look after your cab anymore, just waiting for your SMS. Just send us your reservation, we will send you a confirmation and your cab will be on its way. Located just around the corner from Morrisons, opposite the cab stand, our offices have an online shop where you can browse, copy or send a telefax.

They can even enjoy a warm or cool beverage while you are waiting for your cab. And if you do a great deal of grocery shopping that you can't take with you, we also have a free phone number right at the front door of Morrison's Bognor shop. It is also possible to reserve your cab using our on-line reservation system.

So if you're going on holiday, to the airports or jetties, to the Fontwell or Goodwood race, or maybe plan a late nights trip to Portsmouth or Brighton, call us to get a competitively priced offer with unsurpassed services.

0191 555

Proud to have been part of Sunderland for over 115 years, we are proud to offer our clients a first rate cab hire experience. Use our tariff estimator to calculate your tariff. Become part of a company that empowers million of individuals to travel through Sunderland every year. Will you be prepared to experience one of the most thrilling moments in the history of the town?

Sunderland' s most traditional cab company is preparing for a downtown summers program with the implementation of loan and direct debiting systems in all cars.

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