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Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews about Anchorage Yellow Cab in Anchorage, AK. Tips for Taxi Drivers - Anchorage Forum It' going to be from the airfield to GAH because my plane arrives after work and can't take the shuttles. When I have to play around with my own pockets or they're too sluggish, it's less. Usually my trips are only about 20 dollars from the airfield to my home (west of downtown), so I don't care about giving 3-4 dollars.

I' d probably only tip 10%. Maybe if he made me charge my own pockets and drive in silence, I wouldn't tip so high. So far, the taxi drivers I had in Anchorage have all been very kind and are always willing to give me an idea of where to go to dine, etc.

Only thing I recall was the sensation that I had just taken a walk around town with Mario, fucking Aretti! Sound like the journey from the airfield to GAH will be about a $5 tip...more or less. The only thing I could recall was when I felt like I had just done a sightseeing with Mario, fucking Aretti!

Recalls years ago when our New York relatives had to take a cab from my grandmother's home to the New York Central Office so we could take the New Jersey back by coach. I have not hear any co-complaints about the cab driver here doing such things and a default tip is 10-20% based on fares and help with pockets, etc..

A few bus transfer companies in the city do a good work and have about the same price as a cab. Besides, they always help with pockets - they come straight into the building to get mine and bring them out for me - big tip! kileysmom...Do you know if one of the buses is stationed right at the terminal which would make them easy to access, like the taxis?

Hello, the OR asked for cabs in Anchorage, so I think we're discussing the US dollar! Well, of course there are those in Anchorage who think they are going to a strange country when they go to Fairbanks, so maybe there are people in Fairbanks who think that we are a strange country!

Quite fancy material for a first Nanook posters pocket... I'll be sure to get some Monopole cash when I come to Fairsbanks.

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