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New York Heli Taxi

Try to avoid overcrowded public transport and long taxi lines at the airport. All you need to know about New York City taxis. Climb over taxis stuck in traffic jams, subway noise and inconvenience.

There' s another Uber-for helicopter taking off in New York.

Attention, BLADE: There is a new gamer in the Uber-for-helicopters play. Gotham Air, a new entity, enables customers to reserve single helicopter seating for JFK and Newark airfields, all on call via its new Android and iPhone application. Between $199 and $219 in hard currency per seated passenger - it's a rather nice option to an airport-bound taxi on a congested freeway that rips your head out and fears whether or not you'll make your trip.

Tim Hayes, CEO of Gotham Air, who previously worked in the amusement industry, came up with the plan after booking a chopper for former Guns N' Roses bass player Duff McKagan. Although Mr McKagan only needed one place, Mr Hayes' only choice was to rent the whole helo. "I paused and thought, why isn't there a way for anyone to buy an custom flight tickets in a chopper?

Gotham Air allows the taxi aversion at the airports to reserve single places for a small part of the costs of renting the whole car. Gotham Air uses Crowdsourcing to fill its helicopters; once a Gotham Air customer creates a required chopper ride, Gotham Air finds other customers who may want to jump aboard.

As soon as a Gotham Air chopper has at least four certified seats sold (out of a total of six), it will start flying. Excursions from Downtown Manhattan to JFK and Newark take about six Minutes, said Mr. Hayes. Mr. Hayes expected the services to be loved by businessmen. Although they account for about 40 per cent of Gotham Air's customers, Mr. Hayes was amazed to find that they were also loved by recreational travellers - groups of boys taking weekends to Vegas and groups of girls travelling to Miami.

How does Gotham Air intend to competing with the other Uber for Hlicopters, namely Blue? Although the original aim of BLOADE was to bring passengers to and from the Hamptons, they now also provide transportation to New York highways. Last one he looked at, a ride to the airfield would have costs him $900 for a lone one.

BLOADE allows people to flood their Hamptons but " you can never do it for trips to the airport," Mr. Hayes said. Whereas the payment of 199 to 219 dollars for a six-minute drive is not exactly economical, it is not much more than renting a city van, which could be about 150 dollars, or even a taxi, which could be 80 or 90 dollars after toll and tip.

It' also rewarding to know that you will definitely make it to the terminal on schedule.

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