Edwards Jet Center

The Edwards Jet Center

The Edwards Jet Center, Billings, Montana. The Edwards Jet Center is a full-service FBO operating at Logan International Airport (BIL) in Billings, Montana. INC provides FBO services at Logan International Airport in Billings, Montana. Edwards Jet Center employee reviews about the Edwards Jet Center culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security and more.

The Edwards Jet Center at Billings Logan International Airport

Excellent customer support-- that's what Edwards Jet Center is all about! The EJC provides a full suite of FBO related activities that includes aviation fuels, aviation car parks, hangars and upkeep. Rebates: Our cheapest petrol rates are available via the EPIC map. Rates are inclusive of all applicable tax. There is no price guarantee. Simple entry and exit with great customer support. At BIL we stayed for the whole evening and the Edwards Jet Center employees set off to take good care of us and organise a great deal of accommodation and shuttles.

Kind, meticulous, detail-oriented services, also for a 10-gallon single-piston client. For my visit they have furnished a beautiful room in the city centre of Helena, completely with shuttles.

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The Edwards Jet Center is a full-service FBO operating at Logan International Airport (BIL) in Billings, Montana. Proud to provide a courteous and courteous level of support that meets all the requirements of our customers in the aerospace industry. Excellent serve... that's what Edwards Jet Center is all about! Offering a full line of FBO related activities that include petrol, airplane parkings, hanger and MRO.

The Edwards Jet Center strives to continuously enhance our product and service offerings to make sure we exceed our customers' expectation and deliver an unforgettable event.

Works at the Edwards Jet Center: staff evaluations

Pilot are kind, often fuels for the 747 also, space to expand in your careers, somehow cool in winters, when you stand on a ladder facing the winds and try to equip a turboprop with Jet A with your gauntlets to get the tank lid and hold on without dropping off the ladder. Jet A is a very good choice for the pilot.

Aeroplane servicing is good, and the staff are great at working together. Rapid speed, time-saving, UPS moving parcels (1-3 days delivery). A lot of machines learn and use the working tool. The task is pro-efficiency and saving to get done in the shortest possible amount of work.

It was a little stressed with a continuous urge for speed and effectiveness. It was not a challenge for me, it was a great place to learn. This is a good place to get yourself to learn more and more about gear, organization, efficiencies, collaboration and timing.

Does this review help you find out more about working at the Edwards Jet Center? Employees enjoy the game, there is always something different and the training experiences are surreal. Quick service operations. Wait for the plane. Troubleshooting, diagnosis, inspection and repairs of all important airframe and system parts. Work on all motor system, electrics, starter/generator, jets, gauge, calibration, car spring and pressure support system.

Environmentals. I' m having problems shooting the most intricate electric system on intricate jet and King Air 300/200 all paperwork and creating workbooks. Standby service for all airline companies flying to Billings Airport. Airplanes I work on every day are Beechcraft King Air B200, C90, Citation 550, 560, Serie and Falcon 50.

It has two Med air support agreements and provides shuttle transportation to and from the airport. Maintaining a broad range of one- and two-piston operated aeroplanes. I' ve been working here for years on a Fed Ex Boeing 727 servicing agreement. My clients are customers with airplane operators. Organise your servicing and personnel. Management is here on your side.

Rapid working pace. I' ve been appointed UPS contract by edwards. Both edwards and UPS's handling of edwards' and UPS's dual-ambitious " managed environment and "Double Umbrella" approach make it difficult to do this.

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