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Replies to the Jet Maker's crossword hint. An increase in Mitsubishi jetmaker's share price before its 2020 d├ębut The Mitsubishi Regional Jet could start new test flight this months. NAGOYA, Japan -- The Mitsubishi Regional Jet designer is considering raising its funds through a package of actions - a debt-for-equity swapping and the issue of new stocks - as he drives forward delivery of the first plane in mid-2020.

At the end of March, Mitsubishi Aircraft's debt was more than 110 billion Japanese yen (988 million US dollars) higher than its asset value, more than twice as high as in the previous year. In order to remove the net value loss in this financial year, the undertaking and its mother Mitsubishi Heavy Industries are investigating a mix of the two capital-boosting operations, i. e. source closest to the above issue.

Meanwhile, Mitsubishi aircraft president Hisakazu Mizutani said that developments are progressing well. On Tuesday, he said to journalists that the airline wanted to start the MRJ test flights necessary to obtain MRJ approval - a requirement for full commercial operations - between July and September. Beisubishi Aircraft failed to meet the last appointment in January 2017 mainly due to defective cabling.

Testing planes that include construction changes to address these problems will be finished this year. Mitsubishi hopes that Mitsubishi will receive prototype approval in 2020. Mitsubishi recorded a higher net deficit of 58.9 billion Japanese yen in 2017 from 51.1 billion in 2016.

With Mitsubishi Heavy holds a more than 60% interest in Mitsubishi Aircraft. Further stockholders are the Mitsubishi Corp. and Toyota Motor dealers. Those affected are examining the recapitalisation of Mitsubishi Aircraft, as an increase of 100 billion Japanese pennies in its present equity could have a diluting effect on per capita profits, which is an undesirable perspective for former owners.

With Mitsubishi Airport, the fast-changing environment in which we operate is a major challenge. Mitsubishi will compete with a strong competitor in Boeing, it seems. With Mitsubishi also pursues a stronger connection with, among others, the commercial aviation component activities of Mitsubishi Heavy.

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