Civilian Jet

Ziviler Jet

Fastest civil aircraft in production. Are there civilians who have a combat plane as a personal jet? You can find hundrets of civilian former army jetliners in the USA and around the globe. In addition there is a civilian AV8B Harrier, several F-86 Sabers, Mig 23s, Mig 16s and Mig 18s, Sovjet bloc coaches like the L39, Albatross and others. Every air show will show a former army jet turning JP4 into hissing.

If one hears weapons flags talking about "military firearms", visiting an fish show makes their argument seem a little inappropriate. You can still buy a new Me 262 with T-38 engine, I think. Five were made, one is flying in air shows in Europe, the other three are not sure.

Allen has a fully rebuilt Me 262 which he is planning to install brandnew Junkers Jumo 004s. It spends a lot of cash to build the motors from the ground up with advanced technology and advanced metalworking, which increases the lifetime and reliability of the motors. WWII motors had a nominal service lifetime of 10-15 h before overhauling.

It should be an interesting first test run, as the new power plants only benefit from material enhancements. Find out what went bad and go over it again... Flintstone's jetjets.

23rd North American Aviation T-6 'Texan' 'Texan'.

For safety purposes these old warriors, better known as "war birds", are altered so that they cannot transport ammunition. Between the 1940s and the 1970s, the US Navy, the Army and many other military personnel around the world used the T-6 Texan as a crucial instrument for pilots' education. The Texan has since made a name for himself and has quickly become a favourite among ward birders.

Today, this iconical aircraft is often used in movies and television programs for realistic-looking world war recreation. In the civilian arena, T-6's and their variations usually sell for less than a quarter of a million bucks.

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