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Hello, my man and I visit London for the first visit in December. We' d like to hire a driver/car to take us to Windsor, Salisbury, Bath and possibly Oxford (although I know it can be too much for one day). Our company is not maintenance-intensive and we only look for a reliable and reliable chauffeur, so we don't have to be worried about getting a train or riding unknown highways.

Honestly, that's way too much for a lone sightseeing tour. Besides, with dawn around 0800 and dusk around 1600 you have very little viewing to do, but would instead be enjoying the charm (yes, good) of the M4 and M3. In addition, it is a strain for Oxford and Bath to have a car would mean to pay for the ££ to park in both city.

Every day tens of millions of people take the train between London Paddington and Windsor & Eton Central (with a simple transfer in Slough) and you can. From London Paddington, London Paddington runs to Bath Spa as well as to and from Oxford, and there are many London Waterloo to Salisbury services.

We have one night trips that pretend to see Windsor, Bath and Stonehenge in one afternoon, but they also mean more bus travel than sight seeing. They' showing 755/day for Stonehenge & Bath to give you an inspiration. It is very simple to take the London to Windsor rail.

Coming from Paddington it is less than 30 min by rail, with a simple link in Slough. Half a full working week, Oxford is a whole working week, Bath is a whole working week, or better yet a whole week-end, and Salisbury is also a rather full working week. From London, all these places can be easily reached by rail.

There are no services, no park fees, no need to use satellites, and usually they take you directly to the city centre. What do you have to consider when taking a train? Anything. Go to the railway yard, buy a tickets, get on the rail at a well marked plate. When you can get to an aerodrome, go through the local system, get on a planes and across the Atlantic, why do you think a move is more complicated?

It is a simple rail ride to all the places you mention, but at this season, due to the brief length of daylight, choose only one. If I had a car and a chauffeur for free, I would take a rail to all these places because it's a quicker, simpler ride, you'll see more landscapes going there and a car in all these places is a problem even if someone else drives.

So even in a car-dependent nation, the equivalence of doing London-Windsor-Salisbury-Bath - possibly Oxford-London in one single tag - would be too much. Think about what you actually want to accomplish here and trim it down to a goal that you can get to with ease by rail. Bad, Windsor and Stonehenge are too much in one and the same tag without Oxford!

However, I concur with those who say that the use of railways will be much less costly. And I also concur that for a full days out you should only choose one of these places at a stretch. Irrespective of whether you choose a very costly driver or the platoon. You' ll only travel for long periods and you' ll be spending very little of your life in the places you want to travel if you try to do more.

Well, in equity, some of us 3 (not sure about 4) attend in a single date, but unsatisfactory for those of us who know the goals; they also know the itineraries and have assigned car parks that you wouldn't want to squander as a casual visitor, so don't spend half the good old days looking for some. Kelsie, the bewilderment of what the trips could do and what people alone can do, especially in relation to Bath, Stonehenge and Windsor, is common here.

Travel operators use buses (a tourist tram, in American), depart early, come back later and do not waste much travel effort at a stop. In this way you are spending more of your free travel on the highway than in a single place. Any place from several ours (Windsor) to a few nights (Bath) is worth a visit.

Nor can you select how much you want to dedicate to each site. For some travellers it is preferable to see these places at their own pace and according to their own timetable and often favour the trains so as not to struggle with parks and construction sites, possible crashes and so on.

It' s ridiculous to take the London to Windsor railroad. You can then enjoy as much or as little free play as you like: in the castle, around the city(s), at midday or afternoons, strolling around Windsor Great Park and back to London if you wish. Have a good journey.

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