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Discount flights & tickets to Copenhagen In the last ten years, a Copenhagen based Noma has attracted a great deal of worldwide interest and Denmark's eating habits have grown up. Now it' s a big meal spot, and Noma Alumni are opening new dining opportunities across the area. Getting a cold one from a cold one is a ritual for travellers, and for more road tastings you go to Papirøen, a cold harbour village with a dozen road caterers.

Torvehallerne, the town' s elegant gastronomic and markets centre, is the place to be for a tummy full of locals and internationals.

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The Dodecanese is a string of twelve large and many small islets in the east Aegean where the Isle of Rhodes is the biggest and most beloved.

The Dodecanese is a string of twelve large and many small islets in the east Aegean where the Isle of Rhodes is the biggest and most beloved. Cheap flight to Rhodes allows you to enjoy stunning scenery and enjoy stunning scenery. Rhodes is a paradise for lovers of the sea with unbelievably beautiful waters and beautiful sand and pebble beach.

Rhodes, the lovely archipelago of Greece, is the most beloved of the Dodekan islands. Once you fly to Rhodes you can enjoy breathtaking unspoilt sandy shores, spectacular archeological remains, ancient Greeks village and classical Greeks cuisine. Rhodes will bring back living memory that will last a life long.

In order to begin your memorable Grecian adventure, your flight to Rhodes will take you to the capital Diagoras International Airports, situated on the north shore of the city of Paris, just 9 nautical miles south-west of Rhodes City. Rhodes, Greece's north and east coasts are well stocked with contemporary skyscrapers and offer a vibrant night life with a variety of nightclubs, pubs and dining.

At the west and south coast you will find a slow tempo in the small traditionally Grecian towns and smaller resort towns. Reserve your cheap flight ticket to Greece now! Building of the antique town of Rhodes began in 407 BC and was fortified in the Middle Ages.

Today the old town with its well-preserved ramparts, old ramparts and small streets gives an insight into ancient Greece. One of the most important research centres in Greece, the subterranean aquarium gives you an insight into the splendour of the waterland. It was rebuilt in the early 14th centuries as a residency for the highest civil servant of the Knights of Rhodes.

Constructed in 1480 to protect the isle from attack, this Venice stronghold was one of the most important of its kind in the world.

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