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Aircrafts for sale in Great Britain

Aircraft - Aero Sale It is a two-seater aerobatics instructor plane which has been sketched and developped by Slingsby and is certified for +6G -3G aerobatics maneuvers. Featuring a very complete specifications, low motor and prop hour this is an extraordinary airplane for the discerning....

. It is a new twin-engine airplane for sale that has been engineered and produced by a young airline company Softex-Invest in Ukraine.

It has two 912 thrusters and a retractable landing gear and is fitted with two retractable landing gears. Just 3 owner and very low hour all around. Prop 30 hrs. Cell 3718 hrs. Just 3 owner and very low hour all around. Prop 30 hrs. Cell 3718 hrs.

General discription Aircraft 1G21706 / 1985 / TT 3993 / RT 8007 Motor ASH-62ER / K16303163 / TT 1675 / RT 4325 Propeller AV2-02 / RT 4325 / w394039 / TT 3988 / TT 3993 / TT 3993 /.... Initial registration December 1979; 2973 TBAF engine: TSOH 437h. Propeller: The McCauley TSOH is 37hrs.

One piston aircraft for sale

Nine-ten planes. 1B1AD- 250HP Hartzell Prop, 2 blades steady hydr. rpm TTAF: 2060 hours TTSN: 900 hours (engine) New turbocharger at 2000 hours..... The astonishing 160 hp Taildragger is a great plane to flying and offers a lot of pleasure. Extremely short overall duration. Aircrafts have been import from USA Feb 2018, no accident or damages declared, import sales tax and customs clearance, state is 9 out of 10 years for his old.........

Just 40 hrs since overhaul 4 blades MT Prop 1,100 Engine time since new factory construction 2,000 TBO 2650 Airframe Total time since the turn of the year..... Cell & Engine 1058 h Prop 620 h The site of the airplane is located at Fowlmere Aerodrome (EGMA) near Royston UK near Royston UK Waked Jayyousi.... It is a stunning four-seater cruise plane that is perfect for two persons, full petrol tank and baggage Electric hatches PCAS Strobe & Landing.....

B600 Breezer - Elegance ***Fresh Annual - September 2018*** Nice plane with very low hour, always hangarred and well-tended. Motor: TTE Continental IO360ES6B TTE 732 hour propeller: Hartzell 3 blades TSOH 35 hour TSOH diamond finished avionic: spinner: Canada + North America, for sale by Wipaire Inc. The Wipaire Boss Turbo Beaver upgrade was finished in 2002, less than 500 hour since the upgrade.

Beautiful looking Piper Archer III with air conditioner, Garmin 430W, ADS-B Out and much more! Great Britain, Europe, for sale by Europlane Sales Ltd. PA-32-301T Piper Turbo Saratoga words do not do this aircraft justice. Saratoga words. Great Britain, Europe, for sale by Europlane Sales Ltd. The Piper PA-28RT-201T Turbo Arrow IV 1380 h rs TT Airframes 380 hrs TT Powerplant (2008) Prop 5 hrs TT (2017) New year and ARC Live in the year.....

Lycoming O-320E2A 1770 hrs since zero recondition. Propellers: Motor 0h SOH, prop 0h SOH. The Fresh Annual. Featuring new turbos, new reconditioned motor and prop. 4,570 Totals since New 0 Since............................................................ LC-42-550G is a very well featured 350 SL aircraft initially manufactured by Columbia Aircraft and certified as N1574C in May 2007.

Equipped with the CD-155 Turbo Diesel engine, this 172R will run with Jet A1 or Diesel. Plane brand-new with many factory-installed special equipment. Fifty-three hour since the new beginning. Overall time: 3,719. 3-hour, engine OH remains intact: Sells with a new year, until 31.05.2019.

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