Last Minute Weekend Deals

Last-minute weekend offers

Last Minute Weekend Offers from Delta Air Lines - Blog Rather later than never, Delta has just published its last minute rates for a few weekend trips. When you are looking for a spontaneous excursion, here is a look at the selling prices of this Delta weekly. Although we have seen better deals before, these rates are fine if you look at last minute scenery and seasonally trips at this season.

The rates are for Friday evening or Saturday departures and return the following Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. An overnight on Saturday is necessary. Locate the right match for your application and start earning up to 40,000 points or $400. Ticket reservations must be made by 24:00 on Saturday, 9 June 2018.

The non-stop tariffs include:

Inexpensive weekend city breaks. Short breaks deals.

Thoughts for weekend goals: When looking for inexpensive lodging in the downtown area, consider the Antoinette Hotel Wimbledon or the Travelodge London Stratford, or the luxurious Belgraves, Thompson Hotel or Sofitel London St James. Amsterdam's photo channels and magnificent Kunstgalerien such as the Rembrandt House Museum and the Rijksmuseum make it another perfect location for weekend trips across Europe.

Think of the sumptuous Museum Quarter or the DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam if you are looking for something extravagant and royal, or reserve rooms at the inexpensive Meininger Amsterdam or Amsterdam Kanalhotel. The cheapest Paris resorts in terms of price are the Faubourg and Mercure resorts, while the Saint James Paris Relais and La Clef Louvre offer excellent and deluxe accommodations.

To make your visit memorable, you can choose to spend the night at the luxurious Vatican Town Hotel or First Luxury Art Hotel or, if you are traveling on your own money, at the inexpensive Target Inn or Bellesuite Hotel. Favourite, budget-friendly downtown accommodations are the Holiday Inn New York and Hotel 309, while premium deluxe restaurants such as The Towers at Lotte New York Palace and TRYP at Wyndham Times Square South can be found.

The cheapest are the Miniature Hotel Istanbul and the Nowy Efendi Hotel, while those looking for luxury accommodations might consider the Vault Karakoy Hotel or the Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul in Sultanahmet. Grand Hyatt Berlin and Hilton Hotel - Berlin are among the most romantically sophisticated high-end facilities in the capital, while SANA Berlin Hotel and Hilton Hotel 31 provide great value for your investment.

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