Charter Jet Membership

Jet charter membership

A number of companies offer "open fleet" or jet charter charts. There are 5 good arguments for membership of the Privatjetkarte You ever think about having a personal jet? Maybe you have, and then you have the hanging charges, the write-off of the planes, the increasing costs of fuels and servicing, the crewing charges...

. and the listing goes on. The purchase of your own Boeing is perhaps not the best way to invest, but how can you make more intelligent use of your flight if you often use your own flight?

Stratos' response is our Jet Cards membership - 25 hour jet travel at a set rate with air travel guarantee. So is a personal jet membership for you? 1. you want the advantages of having a personal jet, but you don't want the effort or the cost. You have been travelling on personal jet planes for a while, and you could not survive without the extraordinary comfort, security and services, but you know that having a personal jet would mean another thing for you to do, which you should be managing, and it makes no financial sense. However, you should be aware that you are not in the business of travelling on a personal jet plane.

The Jet Ticket ensures that your airplane is available with only 10 hours lead in advance, giving you the agility you need to take into account changes in your itinerary and short-term itineraries. They want to say good-bye to offers and bills. Expend less of your free hours getting offers and more of your free hours gambling... or even working. With your Jetcard membership you no longer have to bother with checking offers or payment of bills.

The Jet Ticket provides 25 hour busy flying times in a specific class of airplane (light, medium, medium, large or heavy) so Stratos can always offer the best airplane for your flying needs. Have a look at our jet ticket prices. Would you like to limit the cost of privately operated air travel? Jet membership also provides an easy way to track your spending and predict your budgets, as you have a Jet membership that provides set prices.

Blocking your charges means you don't have to be concerned about volatile competitive pricing, an yearly membership subscription or even position fees as you only spend your air travel on the air. Membership in the Privatjetkarte gives our aviation pros the opportunity to get to know your personalities. Membership in the Privatjetkarte gives our aviation pros the opportunity to get to know your personalities.

Stratos strives to offer an exceptional adventure on every single outing. Being a Jet Charter member, our charter airline pros have the opportunity to better assess your individual needs, continually enhance your adventure, and ensure the level of services and choice of the most safe and advanced planes. Speak to Stratos about our 25 hour personal jet ticket, which offers security, choice, quality services and comfort at the highest level in a single prepayment.

If you would like to book a charter for a group or a individual, please call Stratos Jet Charters at (888) 593-9066. Jet charter representatives are available around the clock to offer you several jet offers for your on-demand flights.

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