Empty Sector Flights

Blank sector flights

Vacant leg charters offer travellers the opportunity to take advantage of the booking of one-way flights with aircraft repositioning themselves. First option is to purchase a seat on a deadhead positioning flight. A blank segment or sector occurs when a one-way flight is booked but the return flight is not used by the passengers. Note that these flights are offered, booked and operated with an empty sector/temporary base or a linked flight from a previously booked charter. Blank sectors are created when we need to position an aircraft to complete its next flight or bring the aircraft back to base.

Blank leg Private One-Way Charter

{\pos (192,210)}What's an empty foot on a personal plane? A blank segment or sector arises when a one-way ticket is purchased but the passenger does not use the one-way ticket for the journey back. Arriving at its final location, the plane must either go back to its home base or re-position itself to collect the next one.

This is why last-minute empty flights can be offered at special conditions - up to 75% off the initial fare. So why does the carrier not resell the transfer to another client? Privatjets are a tailor-made travelling system. Often it can happen that no full rate client is found who wants to rent this particular plane for this particular distance and hour.

Since they have to move the plane anyway, the carrier usually offers the "empty" part of the trip with a significant rebate on the full charterfares. What do empty knees of privat jets costs? Void cross country flights are often available with up to 75% off the standard chartershare.

Estimated rates depend on the routes and operators. If you are willing to be agile, an idle aircraft may be a good way to access your personal jets, and at near-flight rates. A blank section can be used in combination with air trips or incorporated into a personal chart to get a very competitive rate for your itinerary.

What can I do to find out which empty feet are available? Because West Palm Jets provides direct entry to a worldwide fleet of more than 5,000 privately chartered jets, we have direct entry to a large number of the most competitively priced idle offerings. If you would like a personal quote for a Privatjetcharter on our Empty Knuckle Quotes for your next business travel or any other event, please do not hesitate to call us or our 24/7 flight team at (888) 507-8582.

Have a look at some of our available empty range flights and call us today to get your discount on your one-way privately-owned aircraft.

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