10 Mile Taxi fare

10-mile taxi rate

Suppose the trip is 5 miles long and takes 10 minutes. Travelled distance (miles), rollover for the total price. 10, 25.75 $, 20, 48.25 $, 30, 70.

75 $, 40, 93.25 $, 50, 115.75 $. Each tick of the meter (one fifth of a mile) costs 40 cents, one cent more. From Manhattan a trip to JFK costs 45 dollars, an increase of 10 dollars.

The LA taxi tariffs are the third most priced in the whole wide range.

The Los Angeles taxi tariffs are the third most expensive anywhere in the worid. Atlantic Municipalities reported on a new UBS Switzerland survey that listed taxi rates (for three miles a day) in 72 towns around the globe. There are the highest rates in the whole wide range in Zurich ($28.93), Geneva ($27.78) and Los Angeles ($25.06) for a three mile drive within the confines of the capital.

In New York the prize is $8.50, in Chicago $12.50, in Miami $15.32. We have a better traffic system than what you think (and now walk to the last call), but it's not so good that most of us (especially tourist and drinkers) can get by without having to throw a taxi somewhere.

This is a genuine offence for the injuries involved, these taxi charges.

Taxis Bermuda - Tariffs and rates, Taxi company

In Bermuda there are about 600 cabs. You can transport a max. of 7 people. Each Bermuda taxi is equipped with a counter and prices are set by the state. The price for 1 to 4 people is $2.75 per mile. Counter begins at $5. 15 (i.e. $7. 90 for the first mile).

The price for 5 to 7 people is $3.50 per mile. Counter begins at $6.45 ($9.95 for the first mile). The taxi fares are 25 per cent higher between 12 a. m. and 6 a. m. and on Sunday and bank holiday throughout the whole working week (50 per cent for 5 to 7 persons).

Hourly taxi rentals are also available for visits. Tariffs are $50 per lesson (1 - 4 people) and $70 per lesson (5 - 7 people). A suitable tip for the rider is about 15 per cent of the fare. Don't assume taxi cabmen make a living.

When you arrive at LF Wade International you will usually be met by a taxi service to take you to your accommodation. Estimated prices from the airports to the various accommodation are shown in the following chart. Prices are given before any baggage charges and gratuities. Many taxi ranks are located on Front Street (also off Gosling's, Butterfield and near Port O' Call).

There is also a taxi stand on Church Street, just West of the Town Hall. Ticket prices from Hamilton to Dockyard (Kings Wharf/Heritage Wharf), St George, LF Wade International Airport and the main touristic destinations are shown below. Tariffs are indicative and exclude gratuities and luggage supplements. Taxi services are available near Kings Wharf and Heritage Wharf.

Estimated fare to Hamilton, St George, LF Wade International Airport and the main touristic sites are shown below. Prices do not include gratuities and baggage allowances. St. George taxi stand is located at King's Square, near the White Horse Pub. Taxis from St. George to Hamilton, Royal Naval Dockyard, LF Wade International Airport, Rosewood Tucker's Point, Tobacco Bay Beach, Fort St. Catherine and other favorite locations are shown in the following tab.

There are also taxi services in front of large hotel complexes (Elbow Beach, Hamilton Princess, Fairmont Southampton etc.). You can book a taxi through one of the following shipping companies: The Premier Co-op Transportation provides a comfortable portable application for taxi bookings (YAWPa).

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