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Mombai Taxi Receipt

Could someone provide information about the Mumbai taxi service? In Mumbai, do regular taxi drivers issue a correct invoice that can then be presented at the Mumbai offices for a refund? Your feed-back will help us show you more pertinent contents in the near-term. When your personnel or accounting department has asked you to send invoices for kali_pili to enable the refund to be made..

.. Probably you can take a photo of your identity document with the measuring instrument to get a refund, as well as the license number.

Back at Mumbai International Airports Prepaid Taxi System | Mumbai News

With the help of the Flughafenpolizei (airport police) and the Verkehrspolizei (traffic police), the RTO (regional transportation office) revives the transparency of the automatic system for the comfort of travellers. This system was introduced on a trial footing in April, but was discontinued following protest by some taxi trade union organisations and passenger grievances about ticket denials and fleeting.

An RTO Chief Officer explained the system:'The RTO was assisted by the Flughafenpolizei in reinstating the system. Register numbers of the queued taxi are entered into the system. The system assigns a taxi automaticly when a customer makes a payment for a pre-paid taxi and its particulars appear on the receipt.

Passengers only have to take the taxi indicated on their receipt. According to this system, taxi riders cannot reject shorter routes such as Juhu, Vile Parle or Khar. "Admittedly, there was fierce opposition from taxi trade unionists who didn't want registry numbers to appear on receipt.

"However, this is against the interest of the passengers," said the officer. Mr. Miller added that in the present system, since taxi numbers are not assigned to those customers who opt for pre-paid black-yellow or cool cabs, they are obliged to queue at the stands, sometimes for long periods, until a rider consents to take them to their destinations.

Andheri RTO will place an officer at the airport's pre-paid taxi rank and ask the air traffic control to place a policeman there. If a problem arises, customers can either lodge a complaint directly with the RTO officer at the taxi rank or call toll-free 1800-22-0110. Guests must inform the wandering taxi or rickshaw drivers of the car number, time/date/injury area and their own number.

Passengers receive a complaints number under which they can track their complaints for the next two consecutive week. RTO alleges that it will act on any appeal within 14 workingdays. RTO is also checking the current rate cards for pre-paid taxi services at the airports. "Soon, a detailled fare map will be drawn up," said the officer.

A receipt with information on your final destinations, baggage and RTO-approved fares is generated by the automatic system. The taxi admission number is also given. You just have to prepay the ticket, pick up both vouchers and get into the taxi. While the new system works fine at the airports, you can still complain to the drivers on the way by calling the toll-free number 1800-22-0110.

The RTO has a toll-free hotline -- 1800-22-0110 -- where residents can file grievances against car/taxi operators who decline to drive. The RTO officer shall be notified of the registration number of the RTO car, time/date/injury area and his/her own number. We will give you a claim number under which you can track your claim for the next two week.

According to RTO, it will act on any appeal within 14 workingdays. You can submit e-complaints on the website of the Transport Authority. This website has an on-line claim procedure for cases against car/taxi operators.

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