Sri Lankan Airways Seat Booking

Lankan Airways Sri Lankan Seat Reservation

Seat Reservation with sri lanka Airline - Sri Lanka Forum Traveling with First Choice to Sri Lanka, we have now made reservations with Sri Lankan airline companies. I tried to pre-book my places last night and was informed by Sri Lanka airline companies that I need a reference number (which was not my booking number with FC). Someone called FC, who called somewhere to get this number, to find out that we were assigned to the plane a week before and then we could make a booking.

Last choices sound uncomfortable to the last, but SriLankan Airlines are right, they cannot make reservations for you until you have received the Last choices booking references, also known as PNR numbers, usually a 6-digit references, a mixture of numbers and characters. Yeah, we were given the same thing that we could pre-book just a months before the plane - we just pre-booked our places for our July 21 Sri Lanka departures without any problems - we didn't have the number they needed, but they had our last name and zip code data - we pre-booked our outer and outer - so at least we know we're all five together!

Did you pay the first rate for these pre-booked tickets, we are in the process of booking a vacation with flights of first class with sri lankan carriers. You asked us if we wanted to pre-book tickets for a fee of 10.00 per person, just asked yourself if we would have the same issue as you, i.e. you ring the bell to reserve tickets yourself?

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