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Passport general information

Effective 10 August 2015, passport holders will be obliged to submit a fingerprint and photographic image to the Department. Your fingerprint should be sent through one of our authorised photographic studios throughout the entire archipelago, at the department headquarters or local branch level. A fingerprint is taken at the department's headquarters or local branch level and the claimant should be present in person.

maintenance information: Persons applying for passports through Sri Lanka's diplomatic missions abroad can do so without the need for prints or photos. Studios will submit your photo to our computer system on-line and provide you with a confirmation. You do not need to print any photos to apply for a valid travel document. Confirmation of the recording session must be submitted to the department along with your request and other documentation.

Do I have the right to a Sri Lankan passport? If you are a Sri Lankan citizen, you can obtain a Sri Lankan passport by parentage or inscription. Urgent basic applications - from 8.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. Only on working day.

Offices close on Saturdays, Sundays, weekends and holidays.

The Sri Lankan people in Montreal are hoping for a last-minute postponement of the expulsion.

A Sri Lankan woman fought for five years for political refuge e status in Montreal, and then makes a last request to remain in Canada. Robert Lawrence and his wife were rejected by the Canada authorities and expelled on Sunday evening. {\pos (192,210)}His folks haven't even begun to pack their two-bedroom flat in Parc-Extension.

"I' m very upset, and you know, I don't know what to do," Lawrence said. Tamil national Lawrence worked for the United Nations in the eastern Sri Lankan provinces during a violent civilian conflict that ended with the failure of the separately Tamil Tigers by the Sri Lankan majoritarian Sinhala regime.

Hoping to protect his home, Lawrence made the choice to flee home and go to the USA. In 2012 they went to Canada. When Lawrence's mother moved to Montreal, three girls, sons and daughters-in-law, joined the group. In fact, Lawrence volunteered at his own little school in Outremont.

Leony Pavinthra Lawrence is 21 years old and the imminent expulsion means that she will not be able to continue her study at Ahuntsic College. We don't want to loose them," Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada said, it can't speak on certain cases, but that "people who are expelled from Canada are not sent to a land where they would be in jeopardy or in jeopardy of being persecuted.

However, the familiy is concerned about what the expulsion will mean for them, as they were destined for Lawrence's report to the UN on what developed during the conflict. "We' re taking a chance, and the federal authorities are forcing us to take a chance," said Leon Lawrence. "Québec Solidaire MNA Amir Khadir said, "This familiy has overcome all these problems and demonstrated its ability to be integrated into our community.

"Quebec, we have every right to welcome this whole Montreal family."

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