Learjet 75 Price

Learjet 75 Price

This is a breakdown of the annual fixed and direct operating costs for a Lear 75 private jet. From the first deliveries of the Learjet 75, competitors such as Embraer have released updated versions of their light jets, while Bombardier has left the Learjet 75 untouched. Learjet 75 for sale. Bombardier Learjet 75 is a light business jet. Learjet 75 range map.

What does it cost to own and run a Lear 75 Privatjet?

Exemplary overview of operational costs per year. A Lear 75 200 hour per year personal aircraft has a global charter base of approximately $796,358 or $1,197,329 for 400 hour per year. Lear 75's top is 535 mb, but at lower climbing, cruising and descent rates it is more likely to reach an average of 428 mb on a slow ascent, descent and descent rate, which corresponds to an avarage price per miles of about $9.30 at 200 hrs per year.

By flying 400 hrs per year, you can distribute the entire overhead over more flying time, reducing your per milage charge to $6.99. What does it take to buy a Bombardier Lear 75? Pricing ranges from $6,950,000 to $6,995,000, of which 4 are currently for sale. 4 of these are currently for purchase. Check out our Jet Management Model Suggestion to see how much you can economize.

Bombardier Learjet 75 to sell

Bombardier Learjet 75 is a lightweight commercial aircraft. Crewed by 2 persons and with a total of 9 persons. The max. cruising distance is 2,040 sea-mile ( 4 persons) with a high cruising of 464 km/h. Max. take-off weight is 21,500. Normal cruising speeds KTAS:

Load bearing capacity - Full LBS fuel: Range - Seats Full N.M.: Floating costs per hour $: Useful LBS fuel: What is the price of a Bombardier Learjet 75? The Learjet 75 flies quicker and farther with a full range of passengers and full range of fuels than any of its next rivals, and has just set the standard higher........

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Learjet 75 is the updated Learjet 45 model. The 8-seater aircraft is perfect for three to five -hour outings. Featuring high cruising speeds, sophisticated electronics and sleek interiors, Bombardier's Learjet 75 is an outstanding option for small to mid-size groups on journeys of up to five-hour.

Learjet 75 is widely used in Europe and North America. Learjet 70 is the smaller 6-seater model of the 75 (and the upgraded to the native Learjet 40). However, only very few Learjet 70' are still available for rent. Learjet 75 cab has a twin cockpit layout (two groups of four opposed pair seats).

Bright, roomy and fitted with the latest noise and thermal control systems.

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