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Jet Aviation SA recherche d'entreprises et informations sur les investissements. Our focus at Executive Jet is on safety and customer satisfaction. Jet Aviation Executive - Private Jet Services Jet Aviation is usually seen as a transport for senior managers, but in reality it is the use of an aircraft for corporate purposes. In order to further distinguish this practise from general commercial aviation, the concept is usually used for smaller aircraft and jet aircraft that carry relatively few passengers.

Practising using Jet Aviation's executive staff to move senior managers, especially c-suite managers, not only makes economic sense, but is actually needed by many large corporations as it meets a wide range of key operational requirements. Major executive aviation firms cite the significant timesavings generated by using the services as the primary driver.

Given that c-suite managers are high-paid individual entrepreneurs, organizations are doing their best to make the most of this outlay. In order to accomplish this, privately owned aviation is used to carry these managers. Helps prevent a situation where managers are prevented from attending a meeting due to missed flights at the airports.

A further contributory element to save aviation resources is the avoidance of traffic jams at passenger aerodromes. Managers have the opportunity to reach the check-in at the departure point just a few moments before planned departure, which saves them precious working times that would otherwise be squandered with long safety records, excessive waiting times and extra travelling times.

Sometimes managers have to go to places that are not well served by business aircraft. Privately owned aviation offers the ideal answer in this case. There is no better way to make sure that managers devote as little extra attention and trouble as possible to traveling with more than 4,500 extra airfields than with passenger aircraft.

Airborne production efficiency is a tremendous advantage for residential aviation, as transactions and other critical information can be debated in the aircraft without worrying about losing critical information. It allows managers to be prolific for a period of your life that would normally be wasteful and useless. In addition, many large corporations quote safety issues as justification for their purely privately owned aviation guidelines for senior management.

Privately owned aviation takes care of their security, all air travelers are part of the same group and no surprise can happen. In your best interest, we take care of all facets of each executive's journey, from floor transport to on-board comforts. We at PJS are one of a kind in the jet hire business as we believe in taking as much of our clients' travel as possible to make sure that their experiences are good.

In order to further meet the needs of executives and ensure their convenience and efficiency during the journey, our industry-exclusive Concierge Service is available upon demand.

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