Private Taxi App

Taxi private app

Irrespective of whether it is a delivery by taxi, limousine or motorcycle, you can start it within a few days. Taxicab app development to efficiently scale your taxi app business. Bring yourself an over-similar app for your taxi app business.

Driver and taxi at the App Store

A few touches are all it takes to order a taxi or automobile and even determine how you want to be paid, whether in money or directly in the app where you have direct entry to your favorite advertising campaigns! What makes you want a'99 drive? There are several ways for you to get around your town.

Private driver vehicles, taxi's or trips that will be invoiced to your business through our business coupons. Remind us not to miss your last trip! This is the most economical in town. With our latest features, you can see the prices of your trip with your car in full real-time!

The 99 has the best technologies in the business to find the right drivers for you, and in just a few moments a vehicle is on your front door. You can also speak to the rider for free, via text or voice, using the new features chats within the app. In Rio I used it to drive from Leblon to Botafogo (that's a 15-minute drive without traffic) and the chauffeur was able to get us to Rio Comprido.

Rider was totally doomed, and didn't know how to track the global positioning system. Río de Janeiro is a very perilous town, and that was done at nights. Your choice of experience or advice on aquaculture in Rio, Par Leblon for Botafogo (via aproximadamente 15 minutes trânsito ) or motorised consumption in Rio Comprido.

Motorization completes the program and allows the use of GPS. A reclamation no aplicative, no recipe, no solution. Simple words: Stornaram or diey que examedia a taxa/preço befisto par avia. I' m sorry, but I'm not going to be able to apologize or immediatamente-deposit.

Clothes for your taxi or limousine business

Irrespective of whether it is a taxi, limousine or motorcycle shipment, you can start it within a few working days. You can only book your company car in advance with a valid debit / debit/credit card, while your normal classical car can drive with money. Benefit from direct payment to your own dealer as well as your own banking area.

Retrieve a dealer trading with our accelerated gateways within a fortnight. Your company will not be disturbed and no additional charges will be levied. Bill your chauffeurs per months, per weeks, per days or per order base, bill a flat rate or per cent. It calculates and calculates the chauffeur according to a defined accounting timeframe.

The driver can top up with either debit cards or hard currency. Automatize payments to your driver. This system will calculate the amount of your payments and help you make payments to your driver on a day -to-day or week --to week base. This is the best way to win new clients without big investment from your side.

Not only is it the most efficient, it also gives you energetic clients of high qualit.

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