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Private jet companies that you should know about There are 2,500 choices of airlines to hire, here are the ones you should get to know - and the most important things you should know about them. Recently, the private jet business has been exploding with a apparently unlimited number of flight opportunities. With the abundance of private jet rentals, carriers and brokerage and new fractions of property owned and owned aircraft, and the possibility to reserve a seating position on a common level, it is virtually impractical to keep an eye on all the opportunities and variations each has.

Find out what you need to know about the best players in the pack.

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Compared to the previous year, a recording first quarterly result showed an increase of 15% in total revenues and 39.5% in Off-Fleet Charter Brokerage, which supported further growth as well. Members of Solutions can now experience even better and more personalized experience than the market leaders in on-demand private jet tour crews with three of the world's top brand names.

Market leaders in on-demand private jet transportation, it provides memberships in the world's most select motorsport club, County Golf and private racing circuit. By increasing the number of charters by over 30% and accelerating investments in its main activities, the airline is positioned for further strong market development and further expanding its market position.

Victor, the private jet charters firm, unveils the most flamboyant enquiries it has ever had from customers.

The private jet charters firm Victor is used to fulfilling the savage wishes of its affluent customers. All year round we receive strange enquiries - a business man once needed canned bulb munch chips on a Eastern European trip. Meanwhile, the company's Pet on Jet services have flew five hawks, nine identically pug and ten bunnies for customers on their own itineraries.

Privileged private jet charterers are known for meeting the needs of their affluent customers, such as the advent of a carpeted rug, champagne, concierge and lots of free-flowing champagne. "A client wanted the Christmas decorations on his jet yacht to Lapland, Finland, for the good of his kids. Weihnachtsgebäck, Glühwein and minced meat cake.

DJ plays classical Christmas numbers on the way out...... And a Christmas movie - Miracle On Street 34th, of course - for the way home. Christmas decorations, full of lametta and hosiery with candy, hanging on the back of the seat. A Christmas meal with all the frills.

"We had fried turkey, filling, potatoes, pork rugs and Brussel sprouts ordered through our on-board food contacts," Victor said. Christmas dog ball. "They even had a Christmas dog dish with delicacies for the domestic animal and of course strategic placed thistle in the various doors of the cabin," the firm added.

It is not only during the Christmas season that the enterprise receives strange inquiries. "We have permitted the renovation of a blasting cabinet for a marriage - completed with bows, buffets, cake stalls and DJ booth," said the speaker. Jet charters also had some uncommon food requirements.

Mr Victor said it is working with On Air Training, an in-flight food service provider, to offer customers "all kinds of sky-high delicatessen experiences". "Yet often your food service needs go far beyond that and our staff will help you down to the smallest detail. "We previously organized Sumosan sushi in London for a group of 80 people and separate crab from Joe's Crab Shack in Florida for a Caribbean plane and a VIP BBQ afterwards.

He added: "In the near term, we had to procure canned bulb munch chips for a big business man on a trip from Eastern Europe. "Victor also provides a pet on jet delivery system that allows a dog - and many other types - to travel with its owner. Certainly they have received some strange inquiries from their pet crazy customers.

"A member once asked to take 10 boxes of culinary pet foods on the boat just so her mutt could have a whole custom menu," Victor said. "We have also piloted five hawks with a Dassault Falcon 7X Jet, and another client once piloted Victor with nine identically pug.

"We have also once flew an 80 kg Leonberger from London to France, and 10 small bunnies on a separate trip from London to Europe."

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