Best Charter Aircraft

The best charter aircraft

2014 TOP PERSONAL AIRCRAFT CHARTER Whilst the charter of a privately owned aircraft gives you the freedom to select from a wide range of aircraft models that best fit your travelling needs, there are some important aircraft favourites that are always selected for charter. Aircraft of the most common type differ from area to area. It is a beloved option for chartering privately for both commercial and recreational activities, especially for short runs and secluded areas.

King Air's aircraft currently hold the first and second charter ranking in the U.S. charter business, with the 200 and 90 model aircraft making over 100,000 outings. The Citation XL has taken over most of the European charter activities for privately owned jets this year. It is the best-selling personal aircraft in the whole wide range - on both sides of the Atlantic.

It is the European preferred privat jumper due to its reach, size, availability as well as cost. The Hawker 700-900 aircraft, which ranks second in Europe and third in the USA, is a group of very diverse and classy aircraft that are always highly sought after for charter around the world.

The Falcon 2000 aircraft from Dassault Aviation is a high-performance aircraft and holds third place in the European rankings of charter companies for privately owned jets. Not surprisingly, the Falcon range is more widely available and loved in Europe than in the USA, especially on the France front. Beechjet 400 is a favorite 6-8-seater aircraft on the charter privately chartered aircraft markets, particularly in the USA.

Beechjet 400 has broad charter coverage and is a cost-effective option in its category, which reflects its fourth US ranking this year. The Citation Mustang is the most beloved VLJ (Very Light Jet) in Europe and the fourth largest charter aircraft this year. Against the backdrop of the economic downturn, the active Mustang took full account of prevailing economic circumstances and turned to Privatjet Charter clients at the point of boarding and to clients with greater pricing awareness.

The Mustang is still a very much loved charter option on the US charter scene, but is still just under the top 5. The PC-12 is one of the most widely used aircraft in the USA for the 2014 charter of privately owned jets. The turboprop produced in Switzerland has only one motor and is currently not available in Europe as it is not approved for sale.

The PC-12 is extremely cost-effective and can be used for a wide variety of applications on small take-off and landing strip es and lawns and is a favourite charter option for US residential jets. CJ2' s ranking among the top 5 in Europe this year (together with the XL and the Mustang) shows that Cessna is the most beloved and trustworthy charter company in the area for 2014.

As an extended versions of the CJ1, the CJ2 is less favored in the USA, where other aircraft have more charter availabilities and proportion.

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