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Find a Large Private Jet Charter Broker Hiring a jet may seem simple when on-line stockbrokers say it only needs a few fingertips on your phone, and in some cases this may be so. "We' re over the private planes. "But there' s more to charter than just Google looking for a stockbroker or looking through a roster of carriers, then phoning and saying, "I got five guys going to Phoenix and we want to depart Tuesday at 10am. How much does a private jet cost?

" If you charter on call, you should always take the due diligence period on each journey and there are a number of topics to address. Once you've found a few good stockbrokers who know your unique type of airplane and operator preference - there are over 2,000 charter companies in the U.S. they can tap - your stockbroker can do much of the screenings for you.

However, the company's brokering division is non-regulated and there are more than 7,500 U.S. planes that have been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration under Part 135 to fly revenues chartered, with each operating company having different operating practices and practices. By the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), below are issues they suggest you ask your brokers.

backgrounds and experience: Whose charter operators are FAA certified to operate our charter services? Which experiences does the user have? For how long has the carrier been an active charterer? Please specify the model of aeroplane on the charter certification. In which years were the planes produced? What, if any, significant renovations (interior, flying gear, paintwork, etc.) have been carried out on the aeroplane and when?

What is the number of planes and crews the charterer has? Approximately how many working hour in the production / production of every airplane? In case of specific surgeries (e.g. airport, above water), what is the crew's previous knowledge of these surgeries?

Which is the security recording of the user? Did the charterer have any air traffic crashes or occurrences? In case yes, what steps has the owner taken to improve security? Was the charterer certified by an independant third company? Which were the results of the audits and what does the charterer look like in comparison to other charterers?

How must you and your visitors ensure compliance with the operator's safety programmes? What is the frequency of trainings for the crews and what is it about? Does the charterer, for example, offer trainings that go beyond the FAA's specified minimal standards?

Does the introductory and refresher courses take place in a simulation or in an airplane? Which guidelines does the charterer have regarding timing and service limitations for crewing flights? When a possible client voyage goes beyond crewing flight/service hours, how would the charterer carry out the assignment and comply with his guidelines? Is there going to be a cabin hostess on the plane?

Does the cabin hostess associated with your particular type of aeroplane have training for that make/model? Does the airplane have a ventilator and is the staff qualified? In the event of a health incident, does the airplane have a season ticket for a medically assisted programme during the trip?

Aeroplane maintenance: Who' s waiting for the plane? When it is not serviced by a plant servicing centre, how often are servicing engineers sent to receive special instruction on this make/model airplane? What does the owner do with possible servicing issues during a charter? Do you plan an intercontinental journey, what experiences does the carrier have with flights to and within the country you wish to travel to?

When operating in this area, what special precautions does the owner take? Is the charterer going to help with migration and custom logistic, such as visa and custom form? Does the pilot, cabin crew and other staff get trained in client support? How high is the operator's level of client contentment?

Which documents does the owner have to submit? What time before the regular service will the plane be available at the airfield? I' ve found out from jet ticket agencies that they sometimes have arrangements that the plane is there at least an hours before. A number of jet cards firms ask airlines to place the plane at your base the evening before for early mornings, or when meteorological problems are anticipated.

Who should you turn to when it comes to flying anomalies, security or downtime in your airline services? How high are the charterer's cover and limit? Is the charterer going to name you as an extra insuree? Is the charterer going to give you a debt write-off and an assurance document about the cover and the plane used for the trip?

If there is a situation where the plane is no longer available after booking and payment, how will the charter airline find accommodation? Could the carrier find another charterer to operate the flights? In case a trouble occurs and a replacement charterer is to be deployed, who is this owner and what kind of preliminary responses does the representative give to these ations?

Some of the reasons I believe that the amount of work involved in any on-demand charter is partly due to the undeniable move towards jet card issuance. Jet maps are also available, from turbo-props such as the King Air 350i and the Pilatus PC-12 to ultra-long-haul corporate jet aircraft such as the Bombardier Global Express.

Every jet chart vendor has their own standard for obtaining the planes they use and the expertise they require from the pilot they will be flying, so while on-demand charter is always an optional extra, jet charts can be a real-time saving when you find a programme that meets your needs.

When you want to charter, the best way to find a good on-demand charter agent begins by asking your friend for their recommendation and then interviews the agent, just as you would a finance consultant or homeowner. Likewise, you should contact the Better Business Bureau and Google to review both the firm and the broker's name to see what comes up when you look for words like "lawsuit" or "accident".

You' re going to spend a ton of cash chartering a flight. So if the brokers don't have enough spare moment now to ask about their experience, how they obtain airplanes, and so on, what do they get when there is a real issue? I am founder and editor-in-chief of DG Amazon Experience, a monthly e-newsletter on luxurious travelling and lifestyles for full and broken private jet operators, and Private Jet Cards Comparisons, a buyer's handbook that compares over 250 private jet cards member programmes in 65 points....

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