Falcon Executive Aviation

The Falcon Executive Aviation

This is the only full-service fixed base operator at Mesa's Falcon Field Airport. Contact details and fleet of the aircraft operator for FALCON EXECUTIVE AVIATION, INC. The Falcon Executive Aviation This is the only full-service fixed base operator at Mesa's Falcon Field Airport. In 1999 Falcon Executive Aviation opened its door and brought along the executive board with many years of professionalism. Our customers' security and outstanding after sales support have always been at the forefront.

At Falcon Executive Aviation we pride ourselves on providing the following services:

Examens Employer pour Falcon Executive Aviation

Possibility to gain experiences with many different airplanes. Wait for the proprietor to get out of the coat-rack. The Falcon is a small mother and airplane workshop with a wide range of work, interesting customers and a rather well-kept heap to work with. There is a great chance to find out more about a wide range of airplanes.

The owner is very spirited and can be your best boyfriend one moment and fire you the next. The work is not stable, if you want fixed hour and a fixed salary check, you won't find it here. You' re good at mastering the Falcon side of the job, staying out of the holder and letting your head of manufacturing and mechanic do the job.

Stay the guy off the ground because he has no idea how to work on planes.


It'?s a great place to work! Enjoying my Falcon Exec days. Managers are great, they like to see tough workmen who know the game. I was at flying college while I was working and the organization knew my job objectives and gave me enough spare for them.

It' s a pleasure to see passionate aviation enthusiasts as this is the ideal way to get your feet in the doors. Falcon Field also has probably the most cool and wide selection of aircraft available. It' an avarage tag to see an L39 doing sample work while a B17 rolls out and a Gulfstream G650 drives into the loading dock. very non-professional personnel & manage.

I hope the firm will realise that the only way to reduce the turnaround is to reduce top leadership. It has great intentions and opportunities for expansion to become a 500 Start-up. I had a job descriptions that were focused on my tasks, but the tasks would change with each shift.

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