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Taxis on the Central Coast - Taxis on the Central Coast Website The Central Coast provides a customer-focused 24/7 cab shuttle bus ride for local people and visitors to the county covering approximately 1800 sq km from the Hawkesbury River to Catherine Hill Bay and the outback. There are 89 cabs in the WAT network, 21 of which are WAT (wheelchair accessible). Where possible, we provide our customers with a selection of vehicle choices for their transportation needs from our limousine, estate car, WAT and maxi cab offerings for up to 11 persons.

The majority of our cars are fitted with a baby safety chair for babies up to 12 month. The Central Coast Taxis Call Center uses the latest telephony and scheduling system technologies to provide a user-friendly and smooth journey from reservation to your taxi's destination. You can also book on the web and use the only smartphone cab application approved by the Central Coast.

Now you have the possibility to book your cab with one of our kind, skilled service providers, either on-line (once registered) on our web reservation page or via our smartphone application, which is a free Apple or iTunes free of charge downlaod. With the telephone application, clients can now view the state of their taxis without having to call the call center.

While Central Coast Taxi has always tried to keep all bookings as near as possible to the agreed times, please note the delay in travel when you book your transportation for a particular period. While our maxi cabs are a great hit on the Central Coast, by prescription these cars are primarily and primarily handicapped access cars and are posted as such and may not be available at your reserved times.

That is something that cannot be predicted at the moment of your call if you make an advance reservation. Hopefully you will be able to take a Central Coast Taxi and look forward to seeing you on your next itinerary.

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