Jet Airways Ticket Booking Offers

Ticket Booking Jet Airways Offers

You can enjoy the trouble-free booking of free flight tickets with us! This airline offers special comfort for passengers with physical disabilities and the elderly. Reduced price on Jet Airways flight tickets: Jet Airways offers guests both an Economy and a Premiere Multiflyer, depending on the booking class.

Discounts up to Rupees 2,500 on airline tickets. Click here for booking details

The appropriate promotional number must be provided at the booking stage to qualify for the Jet Airways rebate. 2,500 rebate on first-flight ticket on intercontinental flights as part of the "Your Next Vacation Awaits" programme. These discounts on intercontinental rates are valid until 31 July 2018, according to the Carrier's website.

The airline's latest program applies to booking on the Jet Airways website - and the Jet Airways Portable Application. This service can be used on the airline's entry and exit services. Ten things you should know about Jet Airways' new rebate offering on intercontinental airfares: 1. Jet Airways rebate of RM 1,000 applies to basic fares and supplements in business fares and discounts of RM 2,500 applies to basic fares and supplements in first stage air fares for trips from India to the airline's intercontinental airline networks.

To benefit from reduced fare on economies of scale on the world' s networks, you must purchase your ticket at least 21 workingdays in advance of your flight date of travel. The Jet Airways rebate package is only available for reservations made using Visa card (issued in India). The appropriate promotional key must be provided at the booking in order to take advantage of the rebate.

Special price does not apply to the booking category. In addition, the schema is not available for multi-city selections. Children's reservations are not possible as part of the Jet Airways rebate program. Do not combine this promotion with any other. Children/children discounts, date changes, air changes, reimbursement fees, week-end surcharges, black-out periods, restricted trips and/or restricted flights apply as stated in Jet Airways pricing rules.

Airways retains the right, at any moment and without previous notification, to amend, supplement, modify, amend or amend all or any part of these General Business and Delivery conditions, or to substitute all or part of the above quotation with any other quotation, whether similar or not to the above quotation, or to cancel it entirely, the Airline said on its website.

Jet Airways offers a special range of air fares from 1,177 on selected home itineraries. In addition, the airline offers discounts of up to Rupees 400 on national flights and up to Rupees 600 on intercontinental flights as part of its Big Savings system.

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