Private Hire Application

Application for private landlords

As soon as you have your completed medical form and your DBS reference number, you can submit your private rental application. Should you require assistance with the submission of your private registration application, you can visit our ignition office. Before submitting your application, you should familiarise yourself with the changes. This is how you apply for a private rental car driving licence. Application for a private rental driving licence.

Making an application for a private lease

As soon as you have your filled out DBS Health Care Application and your DBS Registration Number, you can start your Private Rental Application. Below is a step-by-step guide to how to submit your application to TfL. Should you require assistance in filing your private registration application, you can visit our ignition bureau.

Visit us in our ignition agency - we will help you to send in your documentation and reply to all other inquires.

This is how you obtain a private driving license for rental cars

Private rental driving licences allow one to drive any private rental vehicle licenced by that authority. Please see our Guidance on Applying[220kb] for information on the application procedure, as well as details: Note that all requests must be made by the requester personally to our service desk.

Appointments must be made in order to submit the application via our on-line reservation system. You can find detailed information on the latest rates and acceptable means of payments in our rates and rates document[120kb]. Will not be approved without the right charge. Could anyone contradict an application?

Application for a Hackney cart or a private rental driver's license

It is our responsibility to make sure that the Leeds taxis and rental car business is run professionally and that the proper levels of security and convenience are maintained by all registered driver, vehicle and operator. Licensing cars, chauffeurs and users, we work to make sure they comply with the special requirements set out in their driving licences.

It is acknowledged that the persons authorised by the Section are the largest suppliers of means of transportation in the evenings and at nights and that the secure authorisation and supervision of authorised persons and means of transportation contribute significantly to the security of passengers. Becoming either a Hackney coach chauffeur (taxi) or a private hire chauffeur can help provide everyone who live, work or visit Leeds with secure, dependable and integral transportation.

When you renew your driver's license, please see the taxi and private rental information. For more information on the eligibility conditions, see A guide to obtaining a license (PDF 674KB). As soon as the stringent conditions are fulfilled, you may be able to obtain a 3-year driving license.

See our license purchase guidelines (PDF 674KB) and our three-year license policies (PDF 458KB). They must come in between 8:00 am and 11:00 am in order to arrange an opening date for the application procedure and payment of the fees (cash, direct debiting or cheque).

Receive a half-hour session with a license agent to handle your application. Failure to meet these deadlines may lead to an administration charge being levied. Please click here to expand. Do taxis and private riders have to take a test? Qualified cab riders in Les LĂ©eds must have a thorough understanding of the city's roads and attractions.

I have a belief, will that stop me from getting a license? Council must satisfy itself that the driver it authorises is secure, sincere and reliable - "fit and tidy" to have a driving license. All applicants must have a police clearance carried out before they can obtain a license.

We' ll also check your driver's license to see if you have a driver's license. Please refer to our DBS taxi and private rental check page for more information on the trial. A driver's or crime charge does not necessarily stop you from obtaining a license - it matters what the charge was for, what penalty was passed, and how long ago it was.

Reading and understanding our guidelines for drivers' and penalty judgments before applying is very important. Can I still request a license if I was originally from outside the UK? The Leeds City Council's Taxi and Private Rental Licensing Department receives requests for private drivers' and Hackney drivers' licenses from various countries.

For the complete listing, please refer to our License Purchase Guide. A request will not be approved if you are unable to submit the appropriate documentation. The English and mathematics understanding test was established because both the general community and commerce expressed concern that some licensees may have difficulties to speak, read or write English if it is not their mother tongue.

They will be evaluated at ESOL Level 3 with elementary literacy, speech and hearing ability and all issues relate to working as a certified cab or privateer. In the event that you do not participate at the specified date and times, you will need to re-book another date via the Cab and Private Rental License Services and make the necessary payment.

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