Where does Alaska Airlines Fly

Alaska Airlines - Where to?

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The Alaska Airlines Airlines announce the Sacramento - Kona flights.

From December, Sacramento flyers will be able to fly directly to the largest of the large hawaiian isles for the first one. On Tuesday, Alaska Airlines announces that it will fly three day a week to and from Kona International Airport on the large Hawaii archipelago from December 20. Departures from Sacramento are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 12:30 pm. The airlines are expected to fly non-stop to three of Hawaii's main archipelagos by the end of the year:

Oahu, Maui and Haiwaii. Currently Alaska operates non-stop services to Maui and Hawaiian Airlines non-stop services to Honolulu. South West Airlines has said that it will also start operations to New Zealand, but has not yet said where and when. SARRAMENTO International Airport officers say that they believe that Southwest will begin its flight to New Zealand early next year.

Sacramento International Airport's Mark Haneke said Tuesday's Alaska release allowed him to make a greater commitment to Hawaii services before competitor Southwest begins its services. "It'?s a good move from Alaska's side," he said. "It is a niche that has not yet realized its full promise. The Kauai is the only large Hawaiian archipelago that remains without a non-stop plane ride from Sacramento.

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