Yellow Cab Taxi fare

Taxi Tariff for Yellow Cab Taxi

JFK taxi flat rate. The Yellow Medallion Taxis are the only ones authorized to collect hail. 17% taxi rate increases in New York take effect

Driving a yellow taxi will now be more difficult with a 17% fare rise for the commuters wallet. TLC has authorized the raise for yellow taxis, but prices will not rise this year. Cabins that have not yet been checked or upgraded will have to calculate the old fare by the end of this monthly period.

It is the first tariff rise since 2005.


Taxiboss of the town says that the yellow taxi tariffs should increase - but not nearly as fast or as fast as a large industrial corporation demands today. Metropolitan Taxicab Board of Trade wants a 23.36 per cent tariff increase, which it will advocate at a London Taxicab and Limousine Commission open consultation this mornings.

"For about six years there has been no rise in taxi prices. During this period, running expenses have increased dramatically, which has made it very hard to stay afloat in the taxi industry," said Michael Woloz, spokesperson for the group, which accounts for about 20 per cent of the 12,000 vehicles in urban industries.

"That' s long overdue," he said, stating that New York had the cheapest rates in a poll of 11 large US capitals. Requiring the walk would elevate the $2 to $2.50 starting fee, elevate the prod and idle fees, elevate Kennedy Airport's low fare to Manhattan and expand a 50 cents night supplement to weekend and holiday.

However, Giuliani wants to, and TLC Commissioner Matthew Daus currently supports them, only 12 per cent more fare - and they also want an important requirement. This said that, according to the mayor's suggestion, a taxi would only be eligible for the higher prices if it was a newer, more spacious Ford Crown Victoria or a mini van.

Over the next few years, the new "stretch" Crown Victorias will be introduced as an urban yellow taxi. Older taxis currently on the move would not be allowed to increase fares under the Mayor's suggestion. Said he also understood that while the sector has higher running expenses, he and the burgomaster believe that a larger tariff increase would not be equitable for them.

It found that other key sectors, among them hotel and airline companies, are attracting consumers by lowering rather than increasing fares. In the end, it will be up to the eight-member taxi committee, along with Daus, to make a decision on the subject. Mayor elect Michael Bloomberg said he has no great feeling for a fare increase, but added that the TLC should have held its open hearings at a more opportune moment for the people.

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