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You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about VR Flight Simulator for Google Cardboard. VR (Virtual Reality) Flight gives you the real feeling of flying an airplane. The best Google Cardboard apps: 27 top titles and applications for your VR handheld game.

It' s inevitable that Google Daydream has stole some of its Thursday robbery, but Cardboard is still a great point of access to virtually all things new. The Cardboard is an affordable digital video camera that anyone can construct with a single application that makes it unbelievably simple for application designers to easily incorporate VR functionality into their work.

Googles is selling its own headset that works with iPhones and Android cell phone, but there are many VR headset mobiles that you can collect, all at reasonable rates. Look out for the Works with Cardboard Badge. Here is our selection of the best VR-enabled applications and gaming currently available on the Google Play Store and App Store.

VR's great strength is that it can create rooms in which you can share things with your mates. She and up to four boyfriends can sit down to see video in a huge online cinema. You and your buddies can also talk and respond during the film - don't fear that the event will be ruined for everyone else.

Among the first VR demonstrations, especially Cardboard and Daydream, was the story of a sweet rabbit who first met extraterrestrials. They can all be seen in Baobabs app. Google's Expeditions is a stunning VR Realty Field Trip application that is now open to everyone, not just educators who visit a grade of children on a VR game.

Because you don't have a funky, costly set, that doesn't mean you can't depend on your fellow users in your online network. vTime is completely cross-platform, so you can communicate with your buddies on a variety of different devices (including telephones via Magic Window). Sharing normal and 360-degree pictures or simply customizing your Avatar and Chat in one of 20 VR worlds, complete with seats in orbit.

The Chris Milks application is still one of the best ways to get a piece of movie based VR. Get a set of earphones to complement the fun. Facebook 360 is used by YouTube to fight to win (and dominate) the 360-degree movie, but there are also catagories to display real VR adventures.

Whether it's VR video clips or taking you on a tour of your office, you'll probably never set foot inĀ an-motional shorts, you'll probably waste as many lessons as you normally watch on YouTube. Great new experience is now very much updated on a regular basis, and smaller 360 video files are updated every day.

Yesunt compiles highly productive VR adventures and publishes new ones from time to time. Bourne Identity Manager Doug Liman, for example, has a feature show, and there's behind-the-scenes VR experience from the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them sets and one at the Manchester City Football Club.

Was of Words, a brief VR exercise from BBC's Was of the Words: The poet Soldier-Poets of Somme succeeds in translating the verse into an exciting adventure. The Fulldive is a real life online video viewing and browsing application that lets you search and watch 360 and 3-D images and video as well as surf the web.

There' quite a bit you can do, plus taking your own VR pictures, streaming 360 YouTube video. Googles has spawned some sound VR and 360-degree contents, and that's another one we think is definitely something to look at. Discover artworks, artefacts, and more from over 850 museum, archival, and organizational sites around the world that have collaborated with the Google Cultural Institute to share their collection and histories on-line.

And if you like Star Wars and especially The Force Awakens, the cardboard box adventure from a universe is far, far away for you. Not only does Google want you to enjoy VR with Cardboard, it also wants you to build it. With the cardboard camcorder you can take 360-degree pictures in virtually real life and look at them through cardboard.

You can even use it with Google Street View VR, so you can also include 3-D positions to your favourite positions. Googles has upgraded its Street View application for iPhone, iPad and Android and - okay, okay - it's not necessarily VR, but it's 360-degree pictures from around the globe that can be viewed.

Virtueller Tourismus, here you come. Simply touch the cardboard symbol anywhere that Pegman can use. Have you always wanted to unwind and unwind, look out over calm waters and a tranquil nightsky, with only the lovely lighting of your lamps shaping your vision? Now, that's exactly what you can do with Google Cardboard.

Beautiful, tranquil, quiet VR-adventure. There' some offical Blade Runner histories with Oculus Rift and Gear VR, but if you rock a cardboard helmet, you should watch this inofficial, free VR sensation in a legendary cinematic urban futurist town. Just be seated, buckle up, spin around in a nut and enjoy the beautiful graphic in this great trip that has won many VR enthusiasts on cardboard.

It is a good example of how good VR can be on inexpensive headset like cardboard. Do you need a VR view of the Crossy Road traveler? Some of the basics of the mechanic gameplay are well suited to virtually real life when you jump across a series of streets and try to prevent splashing.

Hidden Temple is a favourite of cardboard box operators and picks up a point-and-click riddle experience and puts it into VR. In addition, the graphic are pretty good for a VR cardboard board games. For VR you need a'controller' which can be purchased here, but in real cardboard mode you can make it yourself by download a free set.

AtMind is a funny, but brief, little play that happens in your mind - you guess it. It' also not just a demonstration; there is a lot of leveling and all the revenue goes into the next VR Vanguard V developers developing games. Escape rooms have gained a lot of fame in recent years, but the thing is that they are also quite perfectly for VR.

Download what, watch and play on your cardboard and VR portable head sets?

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