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Awards from Alaska Airlines

Learn how best to search for award space on Alaska Airlines and book your next flight on the airline with your miles. Let us know how long you will fly and we will tell you how many miles you will earn on Alaska flights. (The total number of miles varies by partner airline.

10 May 2017

We are working to reach our higher goal of building an air company that is loved and recognized by our citizens, which proves that we are on the right track." Built on 11,015 answers, the survey measured the level of happiness among corporate and recreational travellers who flown a large North American freighter between April 2016 and March 2017.

Conventional airlines are those that use a conventional hub-and-spoke system. Please refer to the J.D. Power publications at Through Alaska and Alaska Global Partners, clients can collect and spend frequent flyer mileage to more than 900 global destination and more. In addition, the Alaska Mileage Plan was rated "Highest Customer Satisfaction with Airline Loyalty Rewards Programs" in the J.D. Power 2016 Airline Loyalty/Rewards Program Satisfaction Report for the last three years in a row.

The Alaska Airlines Award explains stopovers

While Alaska Airlines may not be the number one carrier in the whole wide variety of airlines in the globe, they have one strong side to them - their FFP programme, which is by far the best FFP programme in the United States. Alaska' s Mileage Plan is unbelievable because of the uniquely partnership Alaska Airlines has established - the Seattle-based carrier is a partner to airlines of all large carrier alliances and more.

Alaska Airlines airfare can be redeemed to travel around the globe with some amazing airlines like Cathay Pacific or Japan Airlines. As Alaska Airlines is not part of a large carrier coalition, its air travel programme works slightly differently from other FFPs. Alaska Airlines most powerfull feature of the Alaska Airlines Meilenplan is that you can make a one-way-stop.

An intermediate stop is a town where you stay for more than 24h. Whilst intermediate stops are mighty (because you can go to 2+ places for the fare of one), there are some regulations that are valid for Alaska Airlines reward tickets: for example: Hong Kong Cathay Pacific, Tokyo Japan Airlines, Seoul Korean Air, etc.

On the Alaska website, you can make reservations for certain itineraries and stops that are not formally permitted under the Mileage Plan technical regulations, but you can make reservations when the website displays your travel choices. You can' t stop for example for technical reasons if you go inland... but the website allows you... (fly Los Angeles to Seattle to San Francisco and make a stop in Seattle for how long you want).

All Alaska Airlines partners except Cathay Pacific and LATAM can be booked on-line. Booking is required for these two airlines (use the British Airways website to look for awards areas and make them available to the Alaska agents over the phone). In order to browse for premium room and stopovers, just go to the Alaska website and click on the "All Find Options" button below the home page ticket area.

You will then be forwarded to an extended flightsearch: Choose the "Multi-town" and "Use miles" option on the far left, then enter your preferred routing with intermediate stop town ( in this case it would be Los Angeles to San Francisco with intermediate stop in Seattle), your preferred departure date and number of people.

Then you will receive a schedule for this trip with the available flights. Please be aware that you may need to adapt your appointments to the premium uptime. Once the quest is completed, we will be offered several flights. Until you find the flights and costs you want, you can continue playing with the calendars, schedules and prizes.

So Alaska fares from only 5k mile + $5. 60... so why two fares only 5k mile and not 100k? Since Alaska knows you're going to Los Angeles via Seattle to San Francisco, all on one pass.... and since you can make one-way stops on one-way passes, they only bill you a one-way fare.

The TSA safety charge must be paid twice as you will be staying in Seattle for several nights and will have to exit the terminal and re-enter the area. You could spend 10,000 nautical miles if you booked these tickets seperately because you would need two one-way tickets instead of one one-way ticket with a drop.

Following this process you can make reservations for your business travel with our affiliated airlines. Let's assume, for example, that you want to travel from Los Angeles to London with a New Yorkstop with American Airlines. Navigate to the required combinations and get the appropriate option. Alaska' s exclusive airlines partnership and the high-performance frequently flier programme Meleage Plans allow travellers to travel to more than 2 locations for the cost of a very low premium rate (especially when travelling domestically).

Remember that it is always better to have two one-way awards than one round-trip on Alaska, as you will be able to travel with different airlines on each one. Alaska Airlines allows you to collect Alaska Airlines mileage with your VISA Signature Credit Card by either using Starwood Preferred Guest or purchasing Alaska Airlines mileage during the Alaskamotions.

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