Flite Ticket Price

Price of Flite Ticket

Look for the cheapest month or sign up for price alerts to receive an email when the price drops. Compare & book flights - Oman Air Passengers have three different options to check in for a flight with Oman Air. The easiest way is online check-in. To do this, passengers must enter their electronic ticket number on the homepage 24 hours and up to 90 minutes before departure. Afterwards the boarding pass can be printed out very easily and the passenger can go directly to the security check and then to the gate.

Checked-in baggage must be recorded in at one of the drop-off counters. Another option is to check-in directly at the airport at one of Oman Air's check-in counters. This opens at least three hours before the scheduled departure time and can be visited by passengers up to one hour before take-off.

In addition to travel documents, passengers must present a valid passport and, if applicable, a visa. Ceux de departing de l'Aéroport International de Mascate peuvent aussi utiliser l'enregistrement anticipé. This service is available at the online check-in comptoirs at the airport up up to 8 hours before the scheduled departure time.

The free baggage allowance on Oman Air flights is 30 kg in Economy Class and 50 kg in Business and First Class. Please note, however, that the baggage of passengers on codeshare flights may have less weight 10 kg less each time. Irrespective of the free baggage allowance, a baggage piece of baggage may not be used in as regular baggage.

If this limit is exceeded, passengers must expect their baggage to be transported as cargo. The outer dimensions of the bag (length + height + width) must not exceed 158 cm. In addition, each Economy Class passenger may bring one piece of hand luggage on board.

This may not be larger (length + height + width) than 115 cm and not heavier than 7 kg. Business et First Class sont autorisés à emporter deux bagages, qui ne doivent pas peser plus de 14 kg ensemble et doivent être dans les dimensions spécifiées. Passengers who prefer a special seat on the aircraft can reserve it during the check-in process.

Lors During online check-in, les voyageurs reçoivent le plan de cabine de l'avion sur lequel un siège spécifique peut ensuite être sélectionné. Even those who check in at the check-in counter at the register-in at the airport can, of course, tell the responsible employees where they would like to seat. Please note, however, that seats can only be selected and reserved according to availability.

This should be done at least 24 hours prior to departure via the Oman Air website. and Oman Air offre à ses passagers un service confortable à bord. Oman Air propose de nombreux films, émissions de télévision, fichiers musicaux et stations de radio pour que les passagers ne s'ennuient pas au-dessus des nuages. Bookworms a également accès au magazine interne "Wing of Oman", dans lequel vous trouverez des informations précieuses sur le mode de vie, les voyages, le tourisme et d'autres sujets.

In addition, travellers are spoiled with numerous snacks, meals and drinks that vary depending on the time of day and the price category booked. A special experience is also provided by tax free shopping, where passengers can choose from a selection of tobacco products, parfums and other high-quality articles.

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