Helicopter course

heli course

heli instruction No matter if you are flying for pleasure or interested in an interesting job like fire fighting, our helicopter flying academy offers you the necessary trainings and lesson for helicopter pilots. Our helicopter flying trainings are all approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and we provide trainings according to the Federation Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 61 and Part 141 - read more below.

There are even special helicopter instruction and course programs that you can run in conjunction with your own helicopter flight education programs - such as outside cargo surgeries and mountaineering - to prepare you for your desired careers. Qualified pilots are fully trained to work as commercial helicopter pilots.

The programme contains trainings for these certifications and ratings: Private, instrument, commercial, certified flight instructor and certified flight instructor instrument. With your private pilot certificate you can use a helicopter for funny and relaxing trips with your loved ones or for your own car. It is the first stage in developing the capabilities required for your Commercial Pilot Certificate.

In the helicopter sector, the evaluation of instruments is becoming more and more important, as new aviation uses are made. Whether you are flying under real life instruments or not, Tool Ratings gives you the skills and expertise you need for a secure commercial flying future. When you want to be remunerated for flying, you need your commercial pilots certificate.

The course extends your education as a Privatpiloten ( "private pilot") and provides an introduction to more sophisticated manoeuvres and abilities. In this course you will learn to follow higher and more accurate flying techniques to get ready for your first business vocation. Probably your first move in your professional life is working as a flying teacher. Certifiedflightinstructor( CFI) ratings are necessary if you want to teach other flyers.

The Hillsboro Aero Academy is proud that we can offer our extensive CFI course experiences to help distinguish you from the game. The course is based on our accredited flying instructor ratings and allows you to instruct helicopter use. As the first pilot position for most is as a certificated flying teacher, this CFII (Certified Flag Authority Instruments ) certification offers you extra training options.

In order to be able to fly a helicopter, you need the highest degree of airline pilots qualification - the Airline Transport Pilots certificate (ATP). If you obtain this credential, you will be able to control planes in a single airline with a maximum total payload of over 12,500 and/or over nine people. Knowing this can help you to apply for a job.

So if you want to get ready for a rewarding and rewarding job, it's a good idea to expand your professional piloting program with special education to further develop your aptitudes. We are able to provide you with helicopter pilots education according to both FAR Part 61 and FAR Part 141. That means we have two different ways to tackle your workout.

The FAR Part 61 and FAR Part 141 trainings both require the same minimal requirements to obtain your pilot's license, but FAR Part 141 is more systematic and sophisticated. FAA certified flying teachers can be trained anywhere under FAR Part 61 - whether they are affiliated with a flying academy or not - and they can use their own methods.

The FAR Part 141 course is conducted by recognized flying instructors, such as the Hillsboro Aero Academy, who have our course content checked and certified by the FAA.

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