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UK Airport Cars is a private car rental company based in London, covering all areas of London with a wide range of vehicles. UK Airport Cars, London, Great Britain. GB Airport Cars is your company?

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Our taxis and taxidrivers are all professionals who offer clients first-class services. It is our highest goal to offer our clients full customer contentment through a reliable and flawless customer care. Whether you are requesting a transfer from the airport or would like to be taken to another location, we will accommodate your travel needs.

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UK Airport Cars is a privately owned car rental company located in London, UK, which covers all areas of London with a wide variety of vehicles. We have a limousine rental network that includes limousines, executives, station wagons, small and large MPCs. At GB Airport Cars we offer airport transfer at very reasonable rates and a wide variety of airport car rental related activities.

At all times, our quality control staff ensures that you get the best, whether it's a commuter train or a long trip. However, we specialize in airport pick up where we provide a very competitively priced class. As part of our airport shuttle bus we also provide free air traffic control for all airport shuttle bus flights.

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I thought that such a cheap rate was still profitable ) and once with a terrible automobile and non-professional drivers, a few week ago I book a vehicle for a shuttle to LHR that came 30 min too early to collect me. There was no phone call to tell me about the lateness, and while waiting I phoned her with the goal of canceling the trip and just getting a berth, but the owner persisted that it was only a few moments and easy to do.

This is a fault that can occur, even if it's a serious one. Calling the firm and sending a complaints mail according to their recommendation, I received a reimbursement of the booking modification I had to foot for their error. Since then I have been calling almost every day; I could talk to 2 manager, Ali and Malik.

It seemed that Malik understood the problem and was interested in solving it and being aware of the company's responsibilities. However, no response to my mail and no refunds since. In a second correspondence, I pointed out that I would answer within 5 working days in order to prevent court proceedings from being instituted, and again no answer.

Errors occur, and taking ownership of them is the prime job of every executive. A very good customer who now travels to work at least once a week and not only with a certain amount of hesitation, but because of the complete absence of interest and diligence they showed in coping with a bear's service.

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