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Links you to Denver International Airport and beyond. Airport Rome Fiumicino Bus to Rome City Fiumicino Airport and the center of Rome is served by the Leonardo Express Airport Train. The non-stop service operates every 30 mins and lasts approximately 30 mins throughout the trip. Termini station is the end point of the railway in Rome. It is the most important junction for mass transit in Rome and at the same time a large residential area.

However, if you have a household in mind, there are much less expensive airport bus options with tariffs that are a small part of the costs of the Leonardo Express. Terravision Airport Bus Service is the most favoured airport bus service between Fiumicino Airport and the center of Rome in terms of the number of transported people. Terravision airport buses don't have a single market.

Currently there are four competitors providing service to the city centre of Rome. Like trains, the central bus station in the city centre of Rome is Termini Station, the most important junction for Rome, where the central station, the underground and the bus terminals are located.

Fiumicino Airport has some bus connections which are not directly available and provide stopovers. In Rome Fiumicino busses depart from a small bus terminal situated just westwards from Terminal 3. Fiumicino's terminal buildings are all connected, so you should go outside at the bus terminal first. Busses are well labelled by the airport authorities, and Terravision complements this with its own banner ads distributed throughout the terminal.

The term "bus station" for the row of bus connections is a little far off. As yet, there are no installations here, only a number of bus stations where various businesses can park their buses for their use. The four buses stop at Termini train stations in the street and round off the Termini train stations.

Only bus operator with its own ticketing desk and bus stop is Ferravision, with a Terracafe where you can also buy refreshments such as sandwiches, coffees, etc. Therravision and SIT are located on the eastside of the railway yard at the entrance to Via Marsala, the road that leads along the eastside of the yard.

T.A.M. and Atral have bus and tram stations on the street that goes west of Termini railway yard, Via Giolitti. - Currently there is no baggage restriction at Terrvision. If your accomodation is located just off the Vatican coast, the SIT bus is the best choice. - Airport Fiumicino to/from Termini railway-station, stopping at Ustiense railway-station in the southern part of the center and a large railway-station.

Bus is the only airport bus that runs around the clock to Fiumicino Airport. - Aeroprices slightly higher than those of Ferravision, as the trip between the airport and Rome is more costly than the opposite one. Directly to Termini railway station 55 minute drive.

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