Fly Denali

Flying Denali

A world class flight with landings on the Denali glaciers. Operation of Denali National Park and the surrounding Healy River State Airport. Fly Denali was booked after another service was cancelled for us. Flying tours and glacier landings on the Denali. World class tour: Fly over the taiga, tundra, glaciers and towers of Mt McKinley.

FLY DENALI | Landing on a glacier in Denali National Park

This results in a world-class air journey with a landing on the Denali glacier. The National Park Service licensee Fly Denali was founded in 1992 by Jim Trumbull, a former season researcher and biotechnician of the Denali National Park. In the next few years, the business went from support for accommodations to support for business airfares.

Fly Denali was granted by the National Park Service in autumn 2001 the right to land on a glacier in the Denali National Park directly at the foot of Mt Denali (formerly Denali). Thereafter the business continued to grow and upgraded to a de Havilland Turbo Beavers Radskis aircraft family.

The Fly Denali company provides continuous education in the areas of technologies, airways, meteorology and ice sheeting to maintain an outstanding standard of security. The Fly Denali airplanes are high-performance, dependable airplanes developed for the harsh environments of the Canada wild - and the Fly Denali flyers have more than 100,000 operating hours. It attributes its outstanding security records to its service personnel and the ongoing education of everyone in terms of technologies, airways, meteorology and ice sheeting.

The Denali National Parks is considered by many to be one of the most enchanting places in the whole wide sense of the word. This 6 million hectare large reserve is home not only to unbelievable animals such as wild animals such as the wolf, shark, grizzly bear, elk and elk, but also the wonder of Mount Denali. Mount Denali, which means as much as the Great in the Athabascan, is the highest mountain on the Americas continents.

The Fly Denali offer their visitors a breathtaking sight from the air on the Denali National Parks, which cannot be experienced on shore with the same size. A 100 minute flying distance gives visitors an exquisite panoramic look at the gardens, which offer unbelievable vistas such as the famous polychrome peaks and twisty rivers.

The Fly Denali Turbo Beavers are fitted with easy-to-use headset technology so your drivers can personalise your trip with funny facts about the grounds; and don't be timid, you can also ask your friends a question! As our airplanes approach the big one, the fluffy and verdant country begins to turn into an ice-age glacier area.

The Denali begins to get larger and larger, so visitors begin the climb down into the Great Canyon ( the lowest canyon in the world) of the Ruth Valley and end up at the renowned Mountain House. Travelers can spend 20-30 min on the ice to see, take pictures or even experience a huge bout of snowballing.

As soon as it is back to Denali, visitors are invited to lean back and unwind to think about this breathtaking experience.

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