Partial Airplane Ownership

aircraft share ownership

1968 beechcraft e33 bonanza - 225hp bonanza e33, with 3 blades mccauley black mac. 1968 beechcraft e33 bonanza - 225hp bonanza e33, with 3 blades mccauley black mac. NSD 360 HSI NSD nsd 360 hsi nsd 360 hsi 50 a/p Northstar M3 Ansatz wx900 stormscope dual glide slope nsd 50 hsi rc allen eclec. Stand-by/Emergency Display 6D Nav Coms JPI..

... CESSNA 172S SKYHAWK SP 2001 - Standard Nav II Aviation Pack with KLN 94 Colour EPS and KLN 94 Auto Pilot KAP 140, Double GS and height stop with GS coupler for fully IFR-capable planes for large off-road trips!

PIPER CHEROKEE 180 1966 - The airplane is in quite good condition. Every two years I go on a cross-country journey, at least every three years and outside the land..... PIPER CHEROKEE 150 - Over 50,000 people invest in a full airplane overhaul/update.

Ssharred Ownership

With Shared Ownership, property holders can choose a land-use agreement that meets their specific travelling needs. This also relieves the liquidity, decision-making and managerial concerns typically associated with conventional aviation partnership arrangements. Every program is conceived in such a way that it can take both the own pilots and the non-pilots. And we offer expert piloting service to get you where you want to go with a strong emphasis on comfort, security and reliability.

Participation rates are usually 1/4 or 1/2 size shares, and the size of the interest acquired defines the number of available air travel and overnight stays per year. When you join our exchange programme with entry to the fleets, you have more disposability and agility than as a single entrepreneur or in a privately owned partner.

So if your airplane is planned by someone else or is parked for service, just take another similar airplane, if available, or a more suitable one for your use. While you may be considering buying an airplane or already owning one, you have the feeling that the agility that comes with owning an airplane alone is the best way to satisfy your needs.

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