Operators Licence Contact number

License Contact number

Locate the correct number, email address or address to contact the DVSA about driving exams, instructor services, TÜV, driving license and driver CPC. Contacting SVSA If you need help with things like this, get the right telephone number or e-mail for the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA): Do not add any personally identifiable or pecuniary information such as your National Insurance Number or your applicable bank account information. You will receive a return e-mail with a reference to a questionnaire. Don't be afraid, we won't mail you spams or give your e-mail adress to any third party.

You don't have an e-mail adress?

Agency for services of vehicles and operators

Vehicle and Operator Service Agency (VOSA) has shut down. It has been superseded by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). This service is now provided by the DVSA: you can also use other service and information from the same. Please contact the VOSA if you would like to contact VOSA. Those will now be provided by the UK Transport Commissioners:

Display all driver licences and information regarding them. The VOSA was an agency supported by the Ministry of Transport. The VOSA merger with the Driving Standards Authority (DSA) resulted in the creation of the DSA.

Contact details of the holder of the operator's licence - a freedom of information enquiry to the Agency for Vehicle and Operating Services

As part of the Freedom of information act, you may acknowledge or decline that the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency's Vehicle and Services Agency Directory has fully or partially resold the Vehicle and Operator Licensees and/or their contact information to third parties. Even if a mailing list may have been purchased, please indicate to whom and for how much it was purchased.

Sincerely, to whom Vehicle and Operator Services Agency may act, the data has been wholly or partially transferred to third parties. The listing has been transferred. Sincerely yours, Dear Agency for Vehicle and Operator Services, thank you very much for your quick response. Do you claim that VOSA does not keep a record of operators and their contact information?

And if so, can you please indicate where the information that fills the following VOSA brand network that names the operators and their contact information comes from? VOSA employees also learn how to obtain contact information from operators during their daily operations, e.g. when they contact an user to schedule an on-site visit.

VOSA "owns" the operators' licensees and VOSA either has its own lists or uses the transport agent's lists. For further clarification, I therefore ask whether VOSA has completely or partially resold the operators directory (regardless of ownership) to third parties.

They are right, I have also asked the transport commissioners whether they have resold the lists, and yes, that is a separate FOI application to a separately designated agency. Beloved agency for vehicle and operator services, ask for this inquiry, but this is not the case..... For further clarification, ownership) in whole or in part to third parties.

In case yes, then to whom and for how much? a separately designated agency.

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