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sspan class="mw-headline" id="Early_life">"Early_life[edit] Rash?d (née Robert Earl Moore, 19 November 1949) is an NBC Sports based sports commentator and former pro-gamer. From Oregon, an all-American walking back and wide-receiver, Rash?d was back turned into wide-receiver while he was at the cardinals where he was playing for two seasons. Oregon's biggest and most popular thing is that it's the cardinals.

At the Seahawks Seattle Extension practice camps Rash?d, after having signed as a free agents, was then trading a few trading days before the 1976 standard campaign began, sent to the Minnesota Vikings to select a design for the game.

In the course of his pro life, Rash?d captured 495 passports for 6,831 and 44 markdowns, while hurrying 52 as well. His outstanding capture of his carrier came in a match in December 1980 against the Cleveland Browns. Viking Quarterback Tommy Kramer pitched an Ave Mary Passport to Rash?d, which led to a 28-23 win and a central department rank for the Americans.

www. also has the longest gameplay differentiating it from the ones that didn't achieve a touchdown: The same recipient, John Gilliam, was substituted for Rash?d in both St. Louis and Minnesota. Following his playing careers, Rash?d reported on NFL, NBA and MLB[19] television broadcast competitions as a gym anchorman and games journalist for NBC and ABC, as well as host to NBA Inside Stuff for 16 series.

In 2000 he also moderated the movie show Royal TV, the celebrity show Celebrity Mole, the gameshow Caesars Challenge together with co-moderator Dan Doherty and NBA Access with Ahmad Rashad in the ABC-Netzwerk. was also a featured broadcaster on several television shows, especially those featuring his then spouse Phylicia.

Since 2012, Rash?d has been telling the annual highlights for NBA Championships team movies. was five marriages and four divorces. 1969 he got married with his first woman Deidre Waters. You had a little girl, Keva, 1970. There is also a boy, Sean, b. 1970. 1976 he got married with his second woman, Matilda Johnson.

You had two kids, your two daughters Maiyisha (born 1976) and Ahmad Jr. (born 1978). 1985 Rash?d got a wife with the actor Phylicia Ayers-Allen, known for her work at the Cosby Show. Ever since her separation she has kept the name "Phylicia Rash?d" as her name. He acquired his stepchild Billy Bowles (born 1973) from this couple.

One year after they were married, they had a little girl, Condola Phylea Rash?d, called after his mom. Register Guard. Fourth of November, 1970. S. 1D. Cawood, Neil (November 5, 1970). "between the Luftwaffe and Oregon." Register Guard. Register Guard. 23 November 1970. p. 1C. Register Guard. "has made a name for himself... twice."

Bobby Moore has more than just a name. "has made a name for himself... twice." Bobby Moore all Pacific-8. Register Guard. 30 November 1969. p. 1B. Register Guard. Register Guard. "It'?s Rashdad on his way back." Register Guard. Seahawks treated Picard on Seahawks. "The sports artist Ahmad Rashdad scores with a television proposal to Cosby's Phylicia Ayers-Allen".

Brought back on November 18, 2008. Ahmad Rashad Divorcing Sale Johnson. "The fifth time Ahmad Rashad marries."

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