6 Seater Jet

6-Seater Jet

Avocet Aircraft, ProJet, 6, 2× unknown, 365 knots (676 km/h), 1,200 NM, ~$2m, cancelled 2006. The VLJ is a category of small aircraft usually powered by 2 jet engines: 6-8 passengers, up to 1,500, King Air 200. Illegal activities that you can carry out abroad. How it feels to fly the cheapest private jet in the world. TIME.

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The VLJ is a small aircraft class usually driven by 2 jet engines: Do you have a max take-off mass of less than 10,000 lbs (4,540 kg)? There are pressurised staterooms with a capacity of 5 seats max and one driver, but they are more likely to be operated with 4 seats. As a rule, they are piloted with a single person.

Have a look at the $4.5 million Honda jet.

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Common Kestrel

Kestrel is a brand new plane in a category that has hardly changed in the last 20 years. Created by a pioneering General Aviation crew, it is uncompromisingly conceived for the way you want to be. Kestrel's full composites turbo-prop jet will transport up to 8 passengers at high speeds over long journeys to places that cannot be reached by jetliners.

Kestrel will be an aircraft extraordinarily light to handle, with excellent handlability and reactivity even at low speed. Winch bogies and large tyres make sure that every kestrel landings runs smoothly - even on shorter, non-asphalted runways. Kestrel cabins are engineered with an unwavering commitment to what is most important to you.

Upstairs at the broad air staircase doors, travellers are greeted in a roomy, light cab with a big plane feeling. There is no other aeroplane in this category that provides such unobstructed visibility. Leveled cab floors without a lowered hallway allow everyone to reach out and comfortably unwind. A SUV with room for all your sport equipment and your dog?

That kestrel can be any of them. Kestrel's cabin will quickly be re-configurable to accommodate any day of the week, sports or recreational activity that can accommodate any passenger and freight mix with a full 1,200 pound full loader.

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