Glade Apple

forest apple

Automatic Glade spray can, apple-cinnamon, 6.2 ounces Prevent eye exposure. EYE: Immediately flush eye with copious amounts of eye wash for at least 15 min. Replace the can: - Replace the can: Always keep the device away from your face. Rotate the auto sprayer to the OFF pos.

Take out the empty can and make sure that the push the pedal upwards (see picture 1 above).

Place this can with the spraying adapter to the outside (see picture 2 above). Switch the device ON by choosing the required timer settings (see Figure 3 above). After a 15 -second deceleration, the first jet comes.

Automatic Glade Spray, Apple Cinnamon, 6.2z.

The Glade Automatic Spray is a battery-operated device that timer activates the smell whilst an up key gives you more power over an immediate smell - and when it comes to certain rooms in our home, it's soothing. McIntosh apple, cinammon and Nutmeg in Glade Apple Ginnamon give your home the inviting touch of spicy Gl├╝hwein and real feeling of comforts.

Isoalkanes, isobutane, propane, fragrances, acetone. Open the door: Press the top key while stretching the sides of the bracket. Always make sure the appliance is open when the time switch is OFF and keep the spraying jet directed away from the front. CAN INSERT: Open the device. Take the lid off the container and place the container with the jet outwards.

Switch on the device by choosing the required timer settings in minute and closing the device. There is a spraying jet in the chosen period of tim. To immediately erupt Glade scent at any moment, push the booster key on the back of the device. BATTERY REPLACEMENT: Open the device and disconnect the can to gain battery power.

Disconnect old battery and install two new alkali battery packs. Can be replaced, setting the time and closing the unit. for more information. I' m happy with the scent, the use and the costs. Cinnamon is my favorite and this aerosol has it. Glad spread minds are great together with the plugins, TY!

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