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Please note: Even if you do not have to produce a voucher, you must include each expenses line on your travel voucher, travel envelope, or a clean piece of stationery. How high is the permissible effort? Flight charges in addition to the minimum available non-refundable business class rebate or First or Business Class flights are subject to prior approval by the relevant Dean, Vice President or Provost.

Internationally sponsored trips must conform to the Fly America Act (see 41 CFR 10.131-10.143), which generally prescribes the use of a US flag pilot. Where can I make my trip preparations? What do I have to do to cover my expenses? For ALL first or business class trips, pre-approval documents must be submitted.

In order to qualify expenditure as eligible expenditure, the authorisation documents must indicate that a lower fare would be possible: Charges that are not recorded as admissible must be debited to subaccount 9912 and may NOT be debited to government surcharges. Comply with the Fly America Act for international trips with national rewards.

Passagierquittung, if the airfare is 75 $ or more. First- or business-class trips require prior written authorization according to the following hierarchy: The President must be authorised by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees. The provost must be authorized by the President or Chief Financial Officer. The Chief Financial Officer must be authorized by the President.

Decans must be authorized by the Provost. Officer must be authorized either by the Chief Financial Officer, Provost or the President. First- or Business Class trips for all other employees or instructors require the prior written consent of the dean, vice president or provost.

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In order to get the best possible fare, I bought my air ticket a few week before my trip. Will I have 60 working days from the date of this sale or 60 working days from the last trip date to file my claim? Proof of all expenditure and statements of expenditure must be provided within 60 workingdays of the completion of the journey.

As an alternative, you can present this ticket with your other purchases at the end of your travel. Any costs must be filed within 60 working day after completion of the itinerary. Cancel or postpone my journey. Is it possible to buy a fully reimbursable air ticket?

In most cases it is cheaper to transfer the exchange charge for a changed ticket than for a fully refunded ticket. Where there is a high likelihood that the journey can be canceled and the resources are not available for a subsequent journey, travel cover may be taken out.

Is it possible to update my ticket? It is not possible to purchase an upgraded version at the university's cost and it will not be refunded. If my ticket is canceled, what should I do with it? Most nonrefundable ticket can be used for further journeys against payment of a bill of exchange charge. Check with the agency or carrier that issued the ticket to see if it can be used for your next itinerary.

Travellers are responsible for tracking and tracing idle air fares for commercial use in the near term. My ticket was bought with a lottery mileage. University will not refund travellers bought with FFP mileage. Frequency Flier Kilometres collected by a traveller during a course of study at the university may, however, be withheld by the traveller for commercial or private purposes.

The use of personal aeroplanes is only permitted under mitigating conditions and with the previous consent of a manager. Can I get my ticket back from the member of my immediate household? Travelling by the spouse, significant other, boyfriend or member of the immediate dependant of an associate is not refundable without the express consent of a manager and the express consent of the company.

Travellers are expecting to receive the cheapest available rebate or bus fares at the moment of making the reservation, whether through a tourist agency or by making the reservation themselves. If I don't get the least available rebate, what is the consequences for the university?

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