Alaska Air Service

Air Service Alaska

Aeroplane adventure in Alaska with a view of the bear, glacier excursions and Denali sightseeing tours. Authorized operator for Alaska National Parks. Air Service Alaska is a licensed operator in the national parks of Lake Clark and Denali.

master cabin

Here you will find a wide range of comfort seats and a delicious choice of meals and beverages. And, as always, our hot, welcoming crews are willing to help you wherever they can. With more room, more discounts and early check-in, you can enjoy our Premium Class on your next trip.

Select First Class for roomy sitting, a rich selection of meals and drinks and our committed steward.

Air Service Alaska

Allow us to show you our Alaska! Plane adventures are one of the best ways to get there and explore the greatness of this great country. Our air travel facilities are suitable for everyone, from individual travellers to large families. Air Service Alaska is a licenced carrier in Lake Clark and Denali National Park.

From your own windows, we can show you the highest summits, volcanoes, glaciers as well as wild animals aboard our state-of-the-art planes. We are a family-run company with smaller, individual and individual touches. We' ve been flyin' safe in Alaska for 26 years.

Authentic alascan experiences

Let us show you our Alaska now! Air service is exactly that... Alaska. That'?s why you came on this particular journey. Bill Starr, our fearless entrepreneur, is supported by his own families to make this experience possible. He has over 5000 Airline Transport Pilot Rated flying times and has been flying all over Alaska for the past 25 years.

Everyone at Alaska Air Service is connected to Alaska, from our shuttles, reservations people, to our Ramps Dealers and yes, even our webmaster! They will not find season pilot who will build flying experiences for their dreams work. Security is important in everything we do and it is reflected in our aircraft fleets (all wheel planes.) and people.

You' ll note the details of the service (yes, our technicians are also Alaska!, Bill's sons included) and the cleanness and contemporary dashboards. Often we speak about the meteorology, the terrain, the predictions and any changes in trend to make sure you have the best possible trip and the best possible adventure. Our cancellations are rare (see our FAQ policy), but if we need to, be sure that it is for your own protection.

Our philosophy of life is all about experience. It' s simple to encourage fuss through website hypes and great photos, but a much more difficult thing to do to get all your folks to keep that pledge.

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