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A detailed corporate description & address for Charter Communications Inc. Tom Rutledge, Charter CEO, has threatened to take legal action against the Commission.

Reviews for Charter Communications, "upper management" (en anglais)

There' s nothing you can do when a client yells at you except be silent and apologise. When a client yells at you for 45 mins, you have to take a seat and answer the call. When you get a call forwarded from another division, there's a 90% probability that the call was forwarded to you because the prior individual who answered the call either a) stopped talking to the client or b) had to do bolted things to the point where you had to repair everything.

An example of this is when the former agents deactivate all of the customer's devices because they did not execute an order correctly on the customer's bankroll. You will then be spending 30 min to fix this error with the client and will not be able to fix it. Before you can help, you MUST check the customer's name, telephone number, postal and additional information.

Taking 5 seconds to fix the customer's problem, all you had to do was fix something that the prior agency should have known he wasn't supposed to do at all. May God help you if you need to call another division to help you with a call. You call another division, for example, because you need them to make corrections to a customer's bankroll.

Instead, they tell you that they can't fix it and you have to call [another department]. Continue this procedure for 20 min while the client is on the waiting list and gets more angry every second. oh, i forget to say that you can't keep the client waiting more than 80 seconds at a stretch.

So, if you need to call another division to fix the problem, and it takes 10 seconds, you'd better believe that every 80 seconds you "check in" with the client, which really just means that you take them off the queue and remind them that you're still there to wait for the fix, and then put them back on Hold.

It is better not to keep them on standby for more than 80 seconds, otherwise you will be approached by a superior. You' ll have a staff working under a superior who will send an e-mail to any employee who comes 1 min too late out of a rest or luncheon and tells him to "keep an eye" on his work.

Note these e-mails come the morning after you're a-minute late. You' ll have a second crew with employees who are always several dozen hours too late to work, every single night without saying a single thing. Yes, if you're on the first squad, you better think you'll be talking to top management if you come back 1 min too late from your intermission.

As we are on the topic of top management, I would like to reassure you that the odds of you going up in this business are so astronomical that they cannot be seen with the bare eyes.

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