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Better fly: Tips for better air travel Talked to my good boyfriend (and musical shop manager) Seth Friedman, who is flying more than me and is better at it than me. May all your planes be secure. It is sometimes great to surprise yourself with your own soundtrack.

During my last long trip from London to LA, while scanning a notebook on my iPad, I put my iTunes on shuttles and followed all the tracks that were on. It is always the travellers who seem so well armed and ready, even for the most arduous heights. Seth Friedman and Donna Hay are two of these very busy passengers who provide us with their own special experience today.

Prior to having my guys, my work on the plane Sydney>London had me quite often. The most frequent route is from New York, where I am located, to Los Angles and London, where most of my customers are located. These are some of my other important things for long trips. Once I have taken the precautions, I buy the largest large amount of bottled running hot tub I can find and consume this sherbet soda, containing minerals and magnesia, which I consume during the trip.

Airplanes can be filthy and that's a nice-smelling, purely organic disinfectant for hands. Donna: I select my flight according to plane model and itinerary. There' always a brief stopover on the way to London, and I pick the ones that stop in Singapore because I like to take the airlines airwaves there. There are a few on-line and application ressources that are ideal for selecting a place.

but Seat Plans is also great. Of course, the best choice is that nobody is bothered, which is why I enjoy the gang control arm configurations of many B/C aircraft, such as Air New Zealand and Virgin. Please note: Both carriers offer a great non-stop service from London to LA.

And Seth: A great tip is the Global Entry Programme as it allows me to avoid the often laughable migration routes when I return to the States. It' a lovely tidbit on an early bird ride! The Los Angeles->New York line is very competitively priced. Remain faithful to an airline and use your current level, free upgrade or mileage for longer trips.

If I travel for a whole weeks or less, it's just hand luggage. I have a variant of the same Burton Wheelie Flight Deck for about 10 years. Always I keep it wrapped, keep the double of everything, so I don't have to unwrap, and if I have to go to a journey quickly, I can just take it and go.

GP: Adjusting your clock to the timezone of your target when you get on the plane will help you get ready for where you are going mental preparation, and physical you start to act accordingly, sleeping and eating, which will help with jet lag. Except when I' m partying, I don't get drunk.

GP: I always think it's best to really enjoy a meal when you' re in the air. When I leave London, I will normally stop at Itsu in Terminal 5 for a missosoup, as I have been told that missos are supposed to counter the rays. On the plane, I try to keep to the lettuce or easier foods they are serving, while keeping away from the heavy gravies, protein and carbohydrates.

And I also take care to wrap a slice of crisp fruits that can be difficult to come by on a long trip. For a 23-hour ride, it doesn't consume that much power. And Seth: A few years ago I began a new politics that I try to adhere to. GP: These noise-canceling Bose earphones help cut down annoying backgrounds so you can listen to what you want and keep the whole thing quiet.

I' ve often slept with these things. And I also use ear plugs made of wax for a little silence on the plane. The Good Night Sleep Mask also allows me to relax on a long plane out. Sadly, most aircraft seating is not fitted with the "Do Not Disturb" sign.

Liggings are extremely convenient to carry on a long trip, do not crease, and the blacks keep you quite hot. I can even get out of LA in winter in my denim jacket and fuel tanks and feel good in the plane and back in colder conditions with the right jacket (and scarf). Some 15 years ago I bought a large Kashmir shawl, which I still carry on my planes today.

You can use a larger, shoulder-like sling as a cover to keep yourself warmer on a long trip. Bloch surfaces crease into my hand luggage when I have to put on paragraphs for a meet after getting off the plane. Enjoying a Rom-Com on a long trip can be a lot of pleasure, but often it is even better to get yourself immersed in a great new album.

We' ve asked Jo Rodgers, a Frahlingen in London, for inside information about the best of the recently published books for your flying this year.

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