Flying Shark

Flyaway shark

Lustiger remote controlled shark for the family fun in the house. Air Swimmer William Mark Remote Control Inflatable Floating Shark. Floats from room to room with lifelike shark movement. This is the ultimate flying fish to navigate your living room. Remote controlled balloon shark for family fun in the house.

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Colour: This is not a colour clip for all target groups. To view this movie you need the Adobe Flash Player. Unfortunately this movie is not supported in this webrowser. Lustiger shark steered remotely for the relative pleasure in the house. Measure 57 inch long and 36 inch high. Big party for the whole house, big party for the families.

Williams Mark Air Swimmer Remote Control Inflatable Floating Shark.

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Launched in North America as Sky Shark, Flying Shark (???, Hish?zame) is a 1987 Toaplan-developed vertically-scrolling shooter-arcadé game released by Taito in Japan, Electrocoin in the UK and Romstar in North America. 1989 the match got a continuation with the title fire shark. Screenshots of the artwork versions.

Players control a double-decker and take out hostile ground, aerial and marine aircraft in various locations. Every phase begins and ends on a take-off and landing strip, and each times the players take-off and landing on a strip beyond the first take-off, the number of nukes multiplies 3,000 points by the player's overall scores. At the beginning of each level (or after death) the players receive three shells.

There are five levels in the play and then it is passed from level two to indefinite time. It has been migrated to the Amiga, Commodore 64, MS-DOS, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, X68000, FM Towns and the Nintendo Entertainment System. NES was Tim Follin's first written score on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The majority of computer modifications were only published in Europe or Northern America. Also, the NES portfolio is an exclusivity in the Americas.

Flying Shark Flying Racing Aircraft RC

Take a swim in the sea with this shark! This is the ultimative flying fishing boat to sail through your lounge. A funny far away operated ballon shark for the whole house. Manufactured from tough quality polyamide, it rebounds easily from surfaces and other objects it collides with. Has to be refilled with heavylium.

It is a helium-filled ballon that would otherwise just blow away, but it has a counterweight that travels along the lower abdomen of the ballon by mechanical means.

Moving this mass (with the handset ) points the cursor up or down. A further controller allows the caudal valve to swivel back and forth and presses the catch in the right position. To make it go as high or as low as you want, you can append or subtract sound from the load.

Can I refill the canopy? "To my amazement, my early filling of himlium kept the shark moving for two whole week. Buying a small sample container of my own, I was able to fill it again without any problems. There is a kind of device in the opening for the healing gas that will seal the ballon when it is removed.

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