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Hello and welcome to the Yellow Cab Company. The Yellow Cab Tavern is a sweet place to see (and possibly participate in) creative things in Dayton. The Checker Yellow Cab is the best choice for fast and reliable taxi rides in the Midlands. Warm, ripe fruit aromas and moderate oak are complemented by a rich, full-bodied, persistent finish in our Yellow Cab.

Yellow Cab Co., Inc. Checker

Checkers Yellow Cab is the best option for fast and dependable cab rides in the Midlands. Checker Yellow Cabs are available around the clock and have a computer-controlled global positioning system that picks you up and takes you to your destinations quickly and inexpensively. And Checker Yellow offers servicing throughout the Midlands, as well as the airports and Fort Jackson.

Checkers Yellow also provides company account and messenger services. The Checker Yellow Cab Company is committed to providing the best and most comfortable transport services in the Columbia region. Checkers Yellow has long been known for our social commitment and our dependable client support. Through these new capabilities, we are hoping not only to enhance our businesses, but also to enhance customers' capabilities to more simply use Checker Yellow Cab's services.

These remarkable enhancements included our prepaid calling plans, on-line bookings and bookings of apps. Geschenkgutscheine or "taxi cards" are used exclusively in our taxis and function like a banknote. This is a comfortable way to make a taxi payment, keep an eye on transport costs and make a great present.

These vouchers are ideal for college and college leavers, seniors, business travellers and those on the move. Exclusive to the Columbia metropolitan area, Checker Yellow is the only taxi operator to offer on-line and smartphone bookings. Checker Yellow Cab portable is available for free download from both Android and Apple application retail outlets.

Check out our website to find out more about the portable application, forthcoming sponsor event and more!


This is a great accompaniment to your pastas. Hot, mature fruity aromas and moderately aged oaks are supplemented by a lush, full-bodied, persistent finishing in our Yellow Cab. It has a good deepness and nice, softannins. It tastes good with meats, noodles, barbecued vegetable and on its own.

The vineyard suggests combining this with meats and barbecued veggies, so I watered it with both at the same of them.

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