Executive Jet Interiors

Interior Executive Jet

Loadable with Iray materials; Executive Jet Preset; All doors open/close.


Enjoy the convenience of our 40,000-foot altitude accommodation. The first fully owned and operated jet in the hospitality sector, our fully overhauled Boeing 757 has been individually adapted from bow to stern to provide a truly luxurious cruise under 40,000 seats at our website, feet? The individual interiors of our jet are arranged in such a way that they correspond to the high stylistic standards of our high quality restaurants and resort accommodation.

All elements of the plane have been redesigned with our customers in view, starting with the remarkable space inside. To keep you always plugged in, you'll find three U.S. sockets and an electrical outlet for all your equipment in every place. Ranging from co-ordinating a 20-course meal for a pair who want to try Shanghai herbs, to chasing a high height mixer, our Executive Chef, Kerry Sear, goes beyond that in every way to offer food delights that go beyond the boundaries of on-air design.

Mercedes-Benz invents an elegant interior for privatjets

Privatjets are fantastic. The interiors are so ultra-luxury that they are equipped with counterfeit chimneys. However, during aviation you still know that you are in an airplane. However, if a Daimler idea (which belongs to Mercedes) comes to the fore, everything could be different. Mercedes Benz Style (Merc's Designberatung für Non-Car-Projekte) and Lufthansa Technik (Lufthansa's aviation service biz) have developed a new interior decoration system for personal jetliners that removes the traditional division of ceilings, walls and floors in favour of a "dynamic, spiral-shaped arrangement".

Actually, the development team is trying to make the inside of an airplane look... not as much as the inside of an airplane. It is designed to emphasise clear, fluid contours with rich, mellow wooden colours that harmonise with clear, contemporary whites and blacks. Display and screen touches for entertaining are built into panel walls that are only seen when switched on.

It is not the first Daimler idea to turn travelling upside down. It is working on an independent semi-truckIn January, it made its debut with the completely overturned Mercedes F 015 model, which envisions a driverless environment and is a damn beautiful place. They can see how many of the theme designs of the cars echo here: the colours, the fabrics, the mixed borders between wall, ceilings and floors.

Obviously Mercedes believes that the futures of deluxe will resemble travelling in a truly deluxe ball. "It is our aim to provide a very demanding customer base worldwide with a furnishing level that meets all their wishes. Our flexible handling system is perfect for any application, whether you' re in the home or on business," says Walter Heerdt, Senior VP for VIP & Executive Jet Solutions at Lufthansa Technik.

Businesses are planning to assess consumers' interest in their approach in the coming few month. Regardless of how much this piece costs in the end, someone will probably buy it.

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