Small Personal Airplane

A small personal aircraft

Hawkins says the era of personal flight is on the horizon. Small private planes are ultra light and relatively inexpensive [PICS]. There is no lack of small airplanes to put your lives at stake, but a small seaplane named Flynano could make aviation attractive to a whole new group of enthousiasts. Developed by Aki Suokas, the Finish aviation technician, the single-seat "ultra-light aircraft" will be available in three different versions - a 20 kW electrical variant, a 24 hp petrol variant and a 35 hp petrol engine race variant.

According to Mr. Sulkas and his firm, the airplane will be launched at Aero 2011 in Friedrichshafen, which began on April 13th and will last until April 16th. People say the airplane is "in the sky now." And, according to GizMag, these small floats will be available in July of this year, and the most costly will be 39,000 dollars.

Aerospace is full of excessive complaints and missing delivery deadlines, so we asked Soukas to provide us with images or videos of this aeroplane at Aero 2011. A picture of the airplane that stopped at the show was found, but it's not clear whether it's a full-size model or whether it's going to take off.

Meanwhile, we haven't received an answer from Soukas yet, so take a look at this art galleries with imaginative art renderedings of this minute airplane and this individual recording of the airplane itself.

Great thrills, little planes: Best light sport aircrafts

O-200 engines make the right sounds and use advanced technology to almost reproduce the Cub from the 1930s and 1940s. Evektor Sportstar, made in the Czech Republic, was the first Special Light Sport Aircraft (S-LSA) to receive certification. Harmony can cross at 125mphs, scale at over 1000ft per min and has a cruising distance of over 800nm.

The P92 TD, which can be seen here in a nice vintage finish, comes with either the beloved Rotax 912S or a Lycoming O-233 motor. The Twin Rotax 912 twin spark-ignition aircraft with twin Rotax 912 motors, twin Rotax 912 twin twin Rotax 912 twin Rotax 912 twin Rotax 912 engines and twin Rotax 912 twin Rotax 912 twin Rotax 912 twin Rotax 912 twin Rotax 912 twin Rotax 912 twin Rotax 912 twin Rotax 912 twin Rotax 912 twin Rotax 912 twin twin Rotax 912 twin twin Rotax 912 twin twin twin twin Rotax 912 twin twin twin twin twin twin twin twin twin Rotax 912 twin twin twin twin twin twin twin Rotach electric system ensures that the aircraft, which can start will be a vehicle, will be avialalal, to deliver a single motor, to the aircraft, to give the aircraft the chance of collapse due to motor damage.

Jim Richards had a company that rebuilt Super Cubs in 1980, but he finally began to build planes from the ground up. Although it looks like an old Super Cub, the Sport Cub is full of enhancements and, unlike a J-3, can be used alone from the front seats. Equipped with a 100 hp Continental O-200 motor, the aircraft can run at more than 100 km/h. The Continental O-200 motor is designed for a high speed of 100 km/h.

With two 12-gallon winged fuel cells, it has a 450-mile outreach. Equipped with amphibian swimmers, this sports cube can be landed on either shore or canal. With 1700 lbs, the Super Dimona is too difficult to be qualified as an LSA, although it is a powered sailplane, which means it can remain in the air with the power off and the prop pinnate.

FK12 Comet is an open deck acrobatic aircraft with an open deck. It' a gorgeous looking airplane that attracted a lot of interest at Sebring. Driven by a Lycoming motor, the Comet is from +6 to -3 gs enough for temperamental acrobatics. Arcoupes had no oarpedal - the oar was connected to a control gear that also controlled the castors when the aircraft was on the floor.

Originally the brainchild was to build a airplane that anyone could pilot, and today Arcoupes have a following of worship. Instead of large, banana-like floating bodies, the amphibian SeaRey uses a semi-monocoque fuselage to stay above water. Winged float and retractable castors round off the amphibian aircraft. The amphibian CTLS is mounted on Clamar 1400 floating units and can run at 115mphs.

Swimmers are lighter than the bikes and lower the cruising speeds by 22 mbps, but would be a useful supplement for someone who wants to go deep over a river or landing on a lake. Since the aircraft must occasionally act like a boot, its dashboard features a gait display, a control lever and a split-brake-grip.

Accelerating at 72 km/h, this auto gyro cruise has a cruising distance of 180 mile and looks like a great way to move. Highlander, an experiential shrub aircraft, weights only 620 lbs empty, but can hold 700 lbs. There are hinged panels for simple transportation and there are holders for swimmers.

It has a vintage look thanks to the aluminium finish of the aluminium shell and roof, but it has contemporary power - its mileage is 635 at 130mphs. Starting at just $50,000, inclusive of the motor, the S-19 kits have more than 20 ft. of stowage - enough to transport two collapsible bikes. Capable of cruising at 128 mb ph, it has a cruising distance of 580 mile.

The renowned construction set aircraft maker Vans began sales of its first lightweight sports car, the RV-12, in 2008. Located directly on the edge of the easy sports rule class with a max. continuous airspeed of 138mphs. This handy aircraft can transport two 210-pound passengers, with the 20-gallon fuel cell covered.

Unfortunately, Stearmans are too hard to be piloted by easy sports regulations, but they are still found on lawns in the United States.

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